Retention policies

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Retention policy

The community council holds the following information for these time periods

Item Retention period
Minutes Indefinitely (legal requirement)
Agendas Indefinitely
Annual Returns and supporting workings to the accounts Indefinitely
Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations and Standing Orders Indefinitely (including previous versions)
Financial records (invoices and receipts, VAT returns, precept information with Wrexham County Borough Council, budget monitoring reports, bank statements and reconciliations, auditor reports) Current financial year and the previous 8 financial years
Insurance policies The current policy period and the previous 2 years
Contracts (eg for street lighting maintenance, clerk’s contract of employment) Current financial year and previous 2 financial years. Any changes to be logged.
Payroll information (clerk timesheets etc) Current financial year and the previous 8 financial years
Members’ declarations of interest Indefinitely (including former councillors)
Planning documentation Twelve months from when the planning decision was taken by the local planning authority
Electoral register Held during the time of the community council election only. Held by the clerk, open for viewing solely by confirmed election candidates (no copies can be made)
Correspondence (by post and by email) Three months from date of receipt, unless it can be demonstrated that the item needs to be retained for a longer period (eg it relates to an event happening in over 3 months time or it contains information to be used for a longer- period such as contact details)

Items which are no longer to be retained, as detailed above, will be disposed securely. Paper items will be shredded and electronic data will be permanently deleted.

This policy will be reviewed at least on an annual basis, and will be amended when and as deemed necessary.

Approved by council:   21st May 2018.

Minute reference: 18/20.D