Minutes 24/07/2017

Minutes of the meeting of Sesswick Community Council, held at Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 24th July 2017 at 6.30pm



  Name Capacity
1 Cllr John Hurst Chairman
2 Cllr S. Heather Rowland Vice- Chairman
3 Cllr Christine Stead  
4 Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths  
5 Cllr Raymond Jones  
6 Cllr Fern Williams  
7 Cllr John Pritchard County Councillor
8 Cllr David Williams  
9 Ian Griffiths Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

No members of the public


17/37   Apologies of absence

Not applicable, as all councillors were in attendance


17/38   Declarations of interest

  Councillor Agenda item Nature of interest Explanation
1 Cllr Griffiths 17/45 Personal and prejudicial Member has a close association with the clerk
2 Cllr Pritchard 17/56.A Personal Member sits on county council planning committee
3 Cllr Pritchard 17/56.B Personal Member sits on county council planning committee
4 Cllr D. Williams 17.56/B Personal and prejudicial Member owns land adjacent to the proposed development
5 Cllr Pritchard 17/56.C Personal Member sits on county council planning committee
6 Cllr Pritchard 17.56.D Personal Member sits on county council planning committee
7 Cllr Pritchard 17.56.E Personal Member sits on county council planning committee
8 Cllr Pritchard 17/58 Personal Member sits on county council planning committee


17/39   Police

1          There was no police representation at the meeting.

2          The council was aware that a trailer had recently been stolen from a property on Kiln Lane.


17/40   Confirmation of minutes from previous meetings

A         15th May 2017 annual meeting

The minutes, as presented, were approved as an accurate representation

B          19th June 2017 meeting

The minutes were taken, without amendment, as a true record,


17/41   Matters arising

1          Dog- barking (17/04.5):

A         the resident who had raised this concern at the May meeting had stated to Cllr Rowland that the issue persisted, and requested that the community council escalate the matter to the appropriate authorities.

B          After discussion, the majority view among members was that this was more a civil matter for the individual to raise directly with the RSPCA if he believed such redress was necessary.

C          The Vice- Chairman would inform the individual of this decision

2          Dog fouling (17/05.A): the clerk has raised a ticket (231699) with the county council service desk for the areas to be inspected as minuted.

3          Litter and waste collection (17/05.B and 17/33): the county council had provided the following comments

A         the grass and litter problems on the new southern access link road to the Wrexham Industrial Estate remain the responsibility of the contractors (Balfour) until February 2018. Officers are chasing for these issues to be addressed.

B          one operative deals with litter, covering the area from Cross Lanes to the boundaries with Shropshire and Cheshire. He therefore unfortunately has limited time to attend to individual areas, but will try to keep pace with the highway verge cutting as this exposes the scale of the litter problem

C          The refuse and recycling rounds were last reviewed in October 2016 to even out collectors’ workloads. There is therefore more than adequate time within the normal working day for collections to be made in a professional manner. This includes picking up any spillages, although with the recent reductions in residual waste excess side- waste is not collected

D         The 2016 assessment also reviewed the suitability of vehicles to access the various roads and streets, and there should consequently be no reason for collectors’ lorries to drive on to the pavement. The relevant crews have been requested not to drive onto the footway.

1          In speaking with the resident who brought this matter to members’ attention, Cllr Rowland confirmed this issue had not since re-occurred

4          Co-option of new councillors (17.07.B &17/31): the county council electoral office had confirmed Sesswick Community council’s full complement of members and the new councillors’ details.

5          146 bus service (17/11.1):

A         the clerk of Marchwiel Community Council had replied that the provision of a voluntary taxi service is offered by the Royal Voluntary Service, whom can be contacted directly by residents.

B          Cllr Pritchard cautioned that, due to the level of passenger numbers and continuing financial pressures, the current timetable may be cut back further. He assured members he would canvass for a much- improved service at county council level at the earliest opportunity.

C          Such campaigning would also involve the rescheduling of services to help commuters. At present, the last service to Whitchurch departs from Wrexham at 4.45pm, making it inaccessible for people working standard office hours.

6          Backlog of street lighting maintenance charges (17/21.E1A): the delayed billing has been raised again with the county council who “will investigate and report back in due course”

7          2016/ 2017 payroll administration fee (17/21.E1B): the county council affirms this was billed at the start of the financial year

8          Cheque signatories (17/22.1): NatWest has confirmed that former Cllr P. Jones has been removed as a signatory.

9          New councillor training (17/26):

A         the 30th May induction training for Cllr F. Williams had already been fully booked.

B          A new session has been organised for 27th July, to be attended by Cllr F. Williams and Cllr D. Williams

C          A bursary application has been submitted to One Voice Wales. This will reduce by 50% any 2017/ 2018 courses they offer, to a maximum of £50 deduction in total

10        Location for the Play Event (17/30.C1E): at the time of the meeting, the activity centre had yet to confirm if they would have space available. Given the recent activity at the site, this would seem extremely unlikely.

11        Liaison with HMP Berwyn (17/32): representatives of the prison staff have confirmed they will be able to attend the September 2017 meeting.


17/42   Play Sufficiency Assessment Project

1          The clerk advised that the county council youth and play team had consented to the 30th June 2017 being pushed back:

A         Receipts for the items purchased need to be forwarded by 31st July

B          The final report showing the equipment’s usage in the community is to be submitted shortly after the play event day.

2          Following the working party’s meeting on 3rd July, Cllr Stead presented to the meeting the definitive list of items the group recommends be purchased (totalling £648.50):

A         Pogo sticks

B          Jumbo stilts

C          Hula hoops (x 2)

D         Diabolo (x 4)

E          Unicycle

F          Juggle balls

G         Swing ball

H         Water slide

I           Parachute canopy

J           Giant Tower game (Jenga- style)

K         Giant Connect 4

M         Pedal Go x 2

N         Spinning plates

3          The Play Event will be held from 10am until midday on Friday 18th August 2017 on one of the green areas on Nant Clwyd Park. This activity, open to children and adults, will showcase the items purchased for residents’ use and explain how these can be loaned out. Booking forms will be handed out on the day.

4          Refreshments will be available. Cllr Griffiths offered to provide biscuits and soft drinks while one of the volunteers can provide an urn for tea and coffee.

5          The clerk was instructed to contact the county council to request the presence of the Mayor for this morning

6          Similarly, the clerk will ask if the local PCSO’s and members from the county council youth and play team will be available to visit

7          Cllr Pritchard will also enquire whether a fire engine can be on- site as an additional attraction for young people.

8          The working party will design flyers for placing in the notice boards and the local Cooperative store. Details will also be added to the community council website.

9          The group were also printing stickers for the items stating the equipment was the property of Sesswick Community Council

10        Cllr Stead confirmed that the working party will be solely responsible for the writing and finalisation of the final report. This will be sent to the clerk once completed for issuing to the county council

11        The clerk was instructed to:

A         forward the list of items to be purchased to members for their final review. Given the tight timeframe, any comments must be received by Thursday 27th July

B          purchase the items on-line, to be delivered to one of the working party volunteers (subject to Cllr Stead’s confirmation). Payments will be made with the clerk’s personal credit card, and reimbursement will be sought at the next available meeting

C          forward receipts to the county council youth and play team for the 31st July deadline, and inform the group that the report will be issued shortly after the 18th August play event

D         Contact Zurich Municipal Insurance to ensure the equipment is added to the council’s policy


17/43   Charitable donations

1          Cllr Pritchard volunteered to coordinate a meeting between the neighbouring community councils and a local organisation, for members to learn more about the body’s work and how any donations made to them would support their operations and be of benefit to residents.

2          Any decision on making benevolent support will therefore be made following such a forum


17/44   Bank mandate form

1          It was agreed that Cllr Pritchard be added to the list of cheque signatories

2          The rules of cheque signing would remain any two councillors from:

A         Cllr Hurst

B          Cllr Rowland

C          Cllr Stead

D         Cllr Pritchard


Due to her declared personal and prejudicial expression of interest in the following item, Cllr Griffiths left the meeting


17/45   Clerk salary

1          The council approved the clerk’s claim for 31 hours, covering the period from Monday 15th                   May 2017 until Sunday 23rd July 2017:

A         30 hours (10 weeks x 3 hours per week as per contract)

B          3 hours overtime associated with the 19th June additional meeting

C          2 hours deducted for the excess paid with the last payment. 27 hours had been claimed but 29 hours had been paid


Cllr Griffiths returned to the meeting


17/46   Finance

A         To note the items paid since the 19th June 2017 meeting

  Cheque number Date signed Beneficiary Purpose Amount Empowering legislation Council authorisation
1 654 29/5/


Marchwiel Village Hall 15/5/2017 meeting room hire £22.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 133 Minute 17/21.D2
2 656 24/6/


Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 20/3/2017- 14/5/2017 £311.17 1972 Local Government Act, section 112 Minute 17/21.D1
3 657 24/6/


Marchwiel Village Hall 19/6/2017 meeting room hire £10.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 133 Financial regulation 4.1
4 658 17/7/


Scottish Power Q2 2017 street lighting electricity £47.63 1957 Parish Councils Act, section 3 Financial regulation 4.1

5          Cheque 655 had been written at the 19th June 2017 meeting (minute 17/35.A)


B          To settle charges due

No items were due for payment the meeting, there being no donations to be made at this time.

C          To settle charges due where billing was presented after the agenda was issued

No further invoices had been received since the agenda summons had been distributed


D         To approve the payment of charges anticipated before the September 2017 meeting

Councillors approved settlement of the following items should billing be presented before the council re-convenes.

  Recipient Purpose Amount (estimated)
1 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 15/5/2017- 23/7/2017 £350.00
2 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire 24/7/2017 £24.00
3 One Voice Wales “New Councillor induction” training course for Cllr F. Williams and Cllr D. Williams 27/7/2017 £40.00

Item 3 was not placed on the agenda as the bookings were confirmed after the summons’ finalisation.


E          To review the bank and petty cash reconciliations as at 30th June 2017

1          The reconciliations, verified by the Chairman and independently reviewed by Cllr Jones, were noted

2          At the above date, the council has total cash balances of £5,615.72:

A         £4,965.72 are for unrestricted use

B          £650.00 is reserved for the purchase of play equipment

F          To approve the budget monitoring report as at 30th June 2017

1          The report was approved as presented.

G         To decide whether funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve bank accounts

1          Members accepted RFO’s recommendation that no funds need be transferred at this juncture.


17/47   Appointment of new clerical payroll administrator

A         To receive notice of Wrexham County Borough Council’s contract cessation, effective 31st August 2017

1          Notice was duly noted

B          To select a new body to execute the community council’s payroll and HMRC reporting

1          After reviewing the various quotes and service levels details obtained by the RFO, it was resolved that the council appoint the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (AVOW) as payroll administrations:

2          The clerk was instructed to notify AVOW of this decision, and request the necessary documentation so any contracts can be submitted to the September 2017 council meeting for approval and signing


17/48   Re-allocation of budgeted funds

I           1t was agreed that no funds be re-allocated to other budget areas at the moment.

2          The preference would be for this £1,000+ gain be used to bolster reserves, so as to cushion any increases in the precept for future years.

3          However, it was acknowledged that this decision may need to be re-visited in the future should circumstances change


17/49   State of the area around the Jubilee Stone

A         To evaluate possible approaches to re-scaping the area at the entrance to Cross Lanes

1          Members agreed that the suggestion made in June 2017 minute 17/33.1B would be the most suitable course of action as a starting point:

A         The area around the Jubilee Stone would be tidied up, removing the excess vegetation and consequently making the stone more visually prominent

B          An attractive stone feature would be placed around the commemorative feature, to prevent greenery obscuring the stone in future.

B          To establish timelines and responsibilities as required

1          As a first step, the clerk was instructed to contact the Cooperative to enquire whether funding would be available for this venture.

2          The clerk will inform councillors once a reply is received.

C          To agree any funding implications

1          It was hoped that this project would be financed from external sources.

2          Any need to use internal reserves could be considered at a later date, if required.


17/50   County Councillor report

1          Cllr Pritchard and representatives from the county council environmental department will be conducting an on- site audit in Cross Lanes on 28th July, and would be raising the following points of concern:

A         the road surface at the entrance to Nant Clwd Park is rough and requires patching

B          many section of the pavement on the A525 road from Cross Lanes to Bangor Isycoed is overgrown with encroaching foliage, which needs to be trimmed back

C          the pot- hole on the A525 road by the Wrexham- bound bus stop has re-emerged

D         the hazardous condition of the highway between School Farm and School House on Holt Road, where parts of the road are crumbling,

E          the ruts in the green area at the entrance to Nant Clwyd Park, resulting from lorries having reversed into the estate and mounting the kerb. Soil is needed to fill in these holes and improve the appearance of the space.

F          the accumulation of rubbish around the gas governor on the Nant Clwyd Park green area, adjacent to Sesswick Holt Cottages. A proportion of this detritus relates to discarded “For Sale” signs for properties on the estate.

1          With members opining it was the estate agent’s responsibility for the signs’ removal after the sale, Cllr Rowland volunteered to telephone the agent should any boards be so thrown away in future.

2          Cllr Pritchard advised he would push for the county council to take over maintenance of the road verges and green spaces around the southern link road to the Wrexham Industrial Estate once the contractor ceases to be obliged to perform this role after February 2018

3          The placing of double- yellow lines in the area near to the entrance to the former Tetra- Pak site had been delayed due to the May 2017 county council elections. Cllr Prichard has confirmed to the resident living in the nearby property that this work will be completed soon. No objections to the measure had been submitted to the consultation into the matter.


17/51   Community agents scheme

1          The clerk had received the following information from AVOW:

A         the scheme is for people aged over 50 years who need advice on services to help them improve their quality of life, including for example:

1          combatting feelings of isolation

2          debt counselling

3          generally reducing the burden on GP services

B          the agents will effectively bridge the gap between those needing help in their local communities and the statutory and voluntary organisations offering support.

C          The initiative is cost- neutral to community councils. Wrexham County Borough Council access funding via the local health board. The money then cascades down to community council level. There is no deadline to join the scheme

D         The community council is then able to hire an agent directly. AVOW was also in negotiations with the county council to see if the community agent could be employed by a third- party body, and the community council the pay the third party for the agent’s work.

2          The clerk also informed the council of recent communications with the Rainbow Centre in Penley

A         the centre was hoping to recruit a community agent to work in the Maelor. Two community councils had already expressed their interest in participating, and a third council was now being sought to make the proposition viable.

B          the agent, performing 10-12 hours outreach work per week in the community, would be employed and managed within the Rainbow Centre. The centre would invoice the community councils for the agent’s salary and other costs.

C          the agent’s work would involve:

1          home visits for local older residents, to promote access to services and activities. Full support will be given to enable people to confidently access services

2          drop-in sessions at local venues, in consultation with the community councils

3          provide accessible transport on Thursdays for people to attend groups and events

4          pilot peer support groups at local venues

5          report back to community councils on a monthly basis

3          It was agreed that Sesswick Community Council register its interest in the scheme and to appoint the Rainbow Centre as the coordinator of this service, on the condition that the community council’s involvement would be limited to the amount of funding received to support the project.

4          The clerk was instructed to notify AVOW and the Rainbow Centre of this decision, and to request they keep the council abreast of any next steps

5          The clerk was also instructed to ask the Rainbow Centre how many residents from Sesswick use its facilities.


17/52   Training

1          Having considered the One Voice Wales training schedule until the end of 2017, it was agreed that Cllr F. Williams could attend any appropriate course subject to her work schedule permitting. She will inform the clerk accordingly, who will then make the necessary bookings.

2          The council approved the clerk attending the Society of Local Council Clerks’ “Data Protection” webinar on 12th September.


17/53   Data Protection Act

This matter was deferred to a future meeting, once the clerk has had an opportunity to fully understand the actions that the councils needs to take in this area


17/54   Use of social media

Due to the meeting over-running, it was agreed that this item be deferred to a future meeting.


17/55   Reports from other meetings

A         Welsh Inspectorate Planning enquiry 23rd May 2017 (Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Griffiths and Stead)

1          Members’ attendance was confirmed

B          One Voice Wales Area Committee meeting 7th June 2017 (clerk)

1          Due to other commitments, the clerk did not attend this meeting,

2          The main item on the agenda was a presentation from the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board on its long- term strategy for health, well- being and healthcare for the North Wales population

C          Society of Local Council Clerks 15th June (clerk)

1          The clerk did not attend this session due to work priorities

2          The forum saw a presentation on Christmas lighting and a discussion on declarations of interests. It was again stressed that it is the onus of individual members to make the necessary declarations at the start of each meeting

D`        Mayoral Civic Service and reception 25th June 2017 (Cllr Griffiths and the clerk)

1          Attendance was confirmed

2          Both delegates spoke appreciatively of the hospitality shown by the Mayor, the Mayoress and their family during the day

E          Wrexham Town and Community Council forum 29th June 2017 (Cllr Hurst)

1          The following topics had been covered during the session:

A         Regional emergency planning. (Refer to May 2017 minute 17/25.A2E for Sesswick Community Council’s contribution to the consultation)

B          Bins and bags for dog waste

C          Virgin Media upgrades being carried out in Wrexham town

D         one community council’s dissatisfaction concerning the county council not replying to correspondence sent

E          the work of PCSOs in the county borough.

F          One Voice Wales/ Society of Local Council Clerks conference 12th July (clerk)

1          The below agenda items had been considered:

A         local government reform

B          results from the 2015/ 2016 external audit (Wales Audit Office)

C          improving relationships with your insurance provider (Came & Company)

D         taking on additional services and how the Welsh Government can help

E          case studies in the devolution of services from local council level (Wem Town Council and Gobowen & Selattyn Parish Councils)

F          the work of One Voice Wales in the fields of training and representation

G         Any other meetings attended

The other meetings had been attended.


17/56   Planning applications

A          EN01055 Application by Wrexham Power Limited for an order granting development consent for the Wrexham Energy Centre

1          To receive the Secretary of State’s decision to grant consent

A         The decision was noted without comment


Due to his personal and prejudicial declaration of interest in the following item, Cllr D. Williams left the meeting


B          P/ 2016/ 0533/ H6955/A/17/3167412. Erection of two broiler chicken rearing buildings (each measuring 101.019m x 23.365m) and housing up to 40,000 chickens each, to be served by 4 feed bins and a wood chip bin, erection of associated control rooms, feed- weighing rooms and mess facilities, construction of an agricultural storage building and temporary siting of mobile living accommodation in connection with operation of the development. Land North of Cross Lanes roundabout, between Sesswick Way and Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham

1          To receive the appeal decision from from the Welsh Government Planning Inspector

A         The Inspector had allowed the appeal, subject to eleven conditions:

1          the development to begin by 19th July 2022

2          the development to be carried out as per the approved plans

3          the buildings can only be used as a broiler chicken rearing unit

4          development cannot begin until the planning authority has approved the samples of the external facing and roofing materials submitted to them by the applicant, which need then to be used in the building

5          the development cannot begin until the planning authority has approved a scheme of great crested newt avoidance, mitigation and compensatory measures and management regime. This is then to be applied during the development and a compliance audit verified by the planning authority after each stage of the development

6          no development can take place until the local planning authority has approved the applicant’s biosecurity risk assessment, to include measures to address invasive non- native species. This then needs to be adhered to thereafter

7          development cannot begin until the planning authority has approved the applicant’s scheme for landscaping and a management plan for the landscaping and associated/ resulting screening. This is to include indications of all existing trees, shrubs and hedgerows on the land, the details of any to be retained and measures for their protection during development. Furthermore, planting within the scheme of landscaping will include proposals for the road frontage and the access

8          the approved landscaping scheme is to be implemented within twelve months of the development commencing. Any trees or plants that need to be replaced within five years from date of planting are to be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species, unless the planning authority approves any variation

9          The planning authority needs to approve the applicant’s scheme for external lighting before the buildings are brought into use. This scheme then needs to be adopted.

10        the occupation of the residential unit of accommodation is limited to a person solely or mainly employed, or last employed at the approved complex, or a (surviving) partner or resident dependants

11        the planning authority is to be notified of the date of first occupation of the residential unit within seven days of the date of first occupation. Within six years of the date of first occupation, the use of the residential unit is to be discontinued and its associated paraphernalia be removed from the site

2          The clerk was instructed to reply to the Planning Inspectorate, to convey the community council’s anger at the decision reached and the appeal process in general

A         the report acknowledges that the scheme will be significant in scale” with “two very large buildings” in “open countryside” that will only be partially obscured from public view. It is disappointing that it is considered to be justified by their “agricultural nature”, the necessity of their scale and “the presence of large- scale industrial development in the wider locality”. The majority view is that this will be a grotesque eyesore and ill- fitting in this area. The council does not agree that this complex “would reflect the pattern of development in this rural location”. Cross Lanes is indeed pastoral in nature and this alien, industrialised farm is no way representative of agricultural practices in this village.

B          The “social and economic benefits from the construction and operation” of the business seem overstated. The appeal literature stated there would be just four staff employed at the complex, while the social benefits listed are marginal and would not outweigh the environmental impact the site will have.

C          This proposal has generated a considerable volume of public feeling and worry. There are local examples of chicken broiler rearing sheds where the quality of life for those in the vicinity has been blighted by the stench generated. It is highly disconcerting that the enforcement agencies which will be policing regulatory adherence do not seem to have been able to control this in these cases. Residents in Cross Lanes are therefore legitimately trepidatious of what this enterprise will bring to the village, especially as some households had for many years been plagued by unpleasant odours emanating from a different business located near this site. Under no circumstances do people wish to return to the situation where they are unable to dry washing outside, enjoy sitting in their own gardens or even have their windows open in sunny weather

D         This council is alarmed over the increasingly technocratic and policy- driven nature of the planning process, aptly- demonstrated by this decision. The democratic element seems to hold less and less value, and can be readily overturned by an applicant able to hire an ingenious agent to persuade Welsh Government Officials of the perceived need for development. If community feeling, articulated in the decisions of their elected councillors, is so easily overruled, then there is little hope that communities will be protected from inappropriate building. Moreover, consultations received from statutory bodies appear to be accepted with considerably more credence than the evidence from members of the public who have intimate knowledge of the area.

E          The report affirms that “Planning Policy Wales….is clear that the planning system manages the development of land in the public interest”. but this decision can hardly be viewed as advantageous to those living in Cross Lanes. One has to question whose interests are being served by a planning system when development can be imposed on a community without any support whatsoever.

F          From a layperson’s perspective, the authorities’ and agencies’ interpretation of the various planning policies and guidance notes seem to be extraordinarily narrow and insular, not taking into account wider circumstances which are surely material considerations and must be appraised when reaching a decision.

F1        When concerns were expressed at the enquiry over the removal and storage of faeces from the site, it was stated that this would be handled by a third- party contractor so therefore has no bearing on the decision.

F2        All residents’ reservations as to biosecurity and the environmental impacts were shrugged off as being covered by statute and regulation, without these questions being addressed.

F3        Similarly, people’s doubts over highway safety, based on personal experience of Sesswick Way were brushed aside

G         It is members’ understanding that the applicant’s family has no experience of avian husbandry and he confirmed at the enquiry that they have struggled to make a living from bovine, ovine and porcine farming. It is incomprehensible how permission for such a sizeable complex can be granted with an absence of a track record to gauge their long- term suitability to handle this venture successfully and safely.

H         The appellant at the 23rd May hearing advised he could not position this development on his own land as separate facilities and machinery were needed to create a secure unit. The applicant then proceeded to state that his holding had been split in two by the recent construction of a new road. This highway creates the ideal separation required between his chicken and other operations. It is unfathomable in that setting why it was deemed preferable to defile Sesswick with this monstrosity when it is now well- suited to being placed on the applicant’s farm. New plant would need to be purchased wherever the complex was positioned.

I           The Inspector’s appeal decision states that “environmental legislation and regulation would address unacceptable environmental impacts associated with the permitted operation” and “the appeal scheme would not cause unacceptable impacts on the environment, nor would it be unacceptably harmful to the character and appearance of the locality”. By this very omission, there will therefore be negative consequences to the area from this development but which the Inspector apparently opines to be acceptably harmful. Councillors require urgent clarification as to what these externalities will be, on what basis the Inspector decided these would be tolerable and how residents will be able to seek redress should they not concur that these impacts are bearable.

J           The report makes reference to each application being “considered on its own merits” and will not “set a precedent” for other proposals. However, the reasonings the Inspector notes can, and will, be extrapolated to any future application of this nature. It is obvious that this decision will act as an unambiguous green light for further development in Cross Lanes. Regrettably there now seems nothing elected representatives or local residents can do to prevent this community from being ruined.

3          The clerk was instructed to forward this item of correspondence to the following:

A         The Planning Inspector officiating over this appeal hearing

B          Susan Elan Jones (Member of Parliament for Clwyd South)

C          Ken Skates (Welsh Assembly Member for Clwyd South)

D         Wrexham County Borough Council’s Planning Office

E          Clerk to Marchwiel Community Council

F          Chairman to Marchwiel Community Council

G         Wrexham Leader newspaper

H         `Daily Post newspaper

I           Residents who had submitted representations to the appeal

4          Copies of the letter are also to be displayed on the community council notice boards


Cllr D. Williams returned to the meeting


C          P/2017/0369. Single storey rear extension. Oakmere Barn, Kiln Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TB

1          To receive the community council’s comments to the consultation, made under standing order 76.3

The clerk had communicated the council’s support for the above proposal, subject to the following provisos:

A         the residents of neighbouring properties having been consulted and raising no objections

B          this development having no consequences on adjacent housing (for example, by taking light away)

C          the application fully complies with all appropriate planning policies and regulations

2          To note the planning authority’s granting of permission

Wrexham County Borough Council had granted permission, with the below conditions

A         development to commence by 21st June 2022

B          no facing or roofing materials to be used other than those detailed in the approved application

C          development to be carried out in strict accordance with the approved documentation


D         P/2017/0467. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions imposed under planning permission code P/2016/0953.Conditions 7 and 8 (scheme for the comprehensive and integrated drainage of the site); conditions 9,10 and 11 (submission of licences issued by Natural Resources Wales relating to Great Crested Newts and badgers); condition 12 (bio- security risk assessment); conditions 13 and 14 (detailed arboricultural method statement and tree protection plan). Former Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TF

1          To receive notice of the application, where the community council is not a formal consultee

The above was duly noted without comment


E          P/2017/0479. Application for variation of condition 3 imposed under planning permission P/2015/0463 to extend timeframe for development to 36 years. Land to the north and west of Maelor Gas Works, Parkey Lane, Marchwiel, Wrexham LL13 0UW

1          To note the community council’s submission to the consultation, made under standing order 76.3

The clerk confirmed having conveyed the council’s support for this proposal to the local planning authority


17/57   Responses to planning applications

1          It was agreed that the following procedural enhancements to standing order 76.3 be implemented with immediate effect:

A         Upon receipt of the planning application, the clerk will automatically request a fourteen- day extension to the existing three- week consultation

B          The clerk will download the supporting paperwork from the county council website and email to members, so they have the opportunity to formulate an initial viewpoint before receiving the hard- copy planning pack

C          Members will endeavour to forward the paperwork among fellow councillors in a timely manner, so it is returned to the clerk within the allocated timeframe


17/58   Tree Charter and tree planting

It was decided not to participate in the tree gifting process


17/59   Meeting venues and schedule

1          It was resolved to continue with the current policy of meeting at Marchwiel Village Hall on the penultimate Monday evening of every second month (January, March, May, July, September and November) at 6.30pm

2          This practice will be reviewed should a more appropriate venue become available in the future

3          Ad hoc meeting can still be convened on an exceptional basis as required and permitted by standing orders


17/60   Correspondence

A         To review the items received (enclosed)

1          No comments were made following members’ review of the items received between 8th May and 18th July.

B          To agree a new approach to disseminate information in a more efficient manner.

1          To save paper, it was agreed to no longer include the correspondence listing with the meeting summons.

2          Rather, the clerk was instructed to email the items received on a fortnightly basis, for councillors to consult and request for specific items of interest

3          Councillors can request to receive printed listings at any time should they prefer that method

C          To decide a policy for the storage and archiving of documents

1          Due to the increasing volumes of paperwork being received, the clerk will indicate in future correspondence listings whether correspondence will be retained or destroyed, while adhering to legal requirements vis à vis document retention.

2          Councillors will be able to review these suggestions as they consider the aforementioned listing and can request for specific items to be kept if desired.

3          All emailed items will be retained, and organisations sending correspondence by post (eg One Voice Wales for area committee meeting agendas and minutes) will be requested if email can be used as an alternative medium.


17/61   Date of next meeting

Monday 18th September 2017


The meeting ended at 9.30pm















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