Minutes 22/1/2018

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Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting, held at Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 22nd January 2018 at 6.30pm



  Name Capacity/ organisation Attendance
1 Cllr John Hurst Chairman All items
2 Cllr S. Heather Rowland Vice- Chair All items
3 Cllr Christine Stead   All items
4 Cllr Raymond Jones   All items
5 Cllr Fern Williams   All items
6 Cllr David Williams   All items
7 Ian Griffiths Clerk/ responsible financial officer All items
8 Jonathan Hulson Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape Officer, North Wales Wildlife Trust 17/110

No other members of the public


17/107 Apologies for absence

  Name Capacity
1 Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths  
2 Cllr John Pritchard  
3 P.C.S.O. Michael Simister North Wales Police
4 P.C.S.O. Lynn Maurice North Wales Police


17/108 Declarations of interest

No declarations were made


17/109 Police

The clerk circulated the Marchwiel ward crime report for year- to- date 22nd January 2018 that had been prepared by P.C.S.O. Maurice. Members noted the data without comment.


Mr Hulson arrived at the meeting


17/110 North Wales Wildlife Trust

1          Mr Hulson explained his work involves improving the local area for wildlife and to enhance access via footpaths and bridleways. The Trust also helps businesses in the area to boost their environmental performance, and site visits can be arranged for this purpose. Funding from the Welsh Assembly is available for this task, and volunteering opportunities are open to assist in such projects.

2          Members suggested a number of sites within Sesswick where they opined bird boxes could be installed and wild flowers planted. Mr Hulson agreed to visit these areas and arrange a site meeting with councillors to discuss in more detail.

3          Mr Hulson commented that “Keep Wales Tidy” can be approached to facilitate organised litter- picks, should members wish to consider this as a means to remediate current volumes of debris around the community.


Mr Hulson left the meeting


17/111 Confirmation of minutes from 20th November 2017 meeting

The minutes, as presented, were taken as an accurate record of proceedings.



17/112 Matters arising

1          17/95.1 (opening of new bank account for £2,000 received for play equipment donation). The Society of Local Council Clerks had advised that a separate account was not needed for this item, provided this sum was ringfenced and identified separately in the council’s accounts.


17/113 Re-scaping of area around the Jubilee Stone

1          Members considered the suggested planting plan layout from the county council’s environment officer following the 1st December 2017 site meeting.

2          To progress matters further, it was agreed that a working party be composed, consisting of Cllrs Rowland, Griffiths, Jones and D. Williams, to articulate more detailed proposals (including costs and funding streams) for consideration at a future council meeting.


17/114 Play Equipment

Cllr Stead agreed to re-convene a meeting of the play working party and will put forward a list of items that could be purchased using the £2,000.00 received at a future meeting.


17/115 Community agents scheme

1          Councillors agreed to the following proposals from AVOW:

A         A consortium be created, consisting of Marchwiel Community Council (acting as hub), Sesswick Community Council and Erbistock and Eyton Community Council. One additional community council may also join at a later date

B          The community agents will be recruited, employed, trained and managed by the Rainbow Centre in Penley. Three permanent and two temporary positions will be created for the area, one of which will cover Marchwiel, Sesswick, Erbistock and Eyton.

C          Overton Community Council, as lead for the southern cluster of community councils, will draw down the funding from Wrexham County Borough Council and will settle invoices received from the Rainbow Centre.

D         There is no financial risk or exposure to potential liabilities for Sesswick Community Council.


17/116 County Councillor report

As Cllr Pritchard was not able to attend, there was no report to give


17/117 Planning and related applications

A          P/2017/0626. Application for approval of details reserved bv conditions imposed under planning permissions P/2014/0781 and P/2015/0838. Daily Crest Factory, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

Approved by the planning authority

B          P/2017/0899. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions imposed under planning permission P/2017/0165. Maelor Foods, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

Approved by Wrexham County Borough Council

C          P/2017/0901. Display of two signs. Maelor Foods, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

Approved by the county planning department


D         P/2017/1032, P/2017/1037, P/2017/1038. Applications for removal of condition 14 of planning permission P/2014/0781, condition 11 of P/2017/0165 and condition 11 of P/2015/0838 to allow the processing in the region of 1,000,000 birds per week. Maelor Foods, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE



1          To receive the community council’s submission made as per standing order 76.3.

A         Sesswick Community Council is very strongly opposed to these applications

1          A 250% rise in output will have an 200% increase in HGV traffic movement on Pickhill Lane and the junction with the A525 road. The exit on to Bangor Road is already hazardous for large articulated lorries, who need to slowly cross the central line of the highway to enter and leave. More vehicular traffic of this nature will cause hold- ups in a busy thoroughfare where visibility splays are already limited and the 40mph speed limit is commonly ignored.

2          This proposal will have a negative impact on the environment and amenity of neighbouring properties and the surrounding area. The applicant’s statement that “only three properties will be affected” is contested as it fails to take into account the effects of higher traffic flows on the nearby roads where several houses are located

3          The site has yet to reach its accepted capacity of 400,000 birds, so the complex’s ability to successfully operate at its agreed limit cannot to be assessed. Indeed, there have been reports of foul odours emanating from the complex and some residents’ sleep patterns have been disturbed by the complex’s early- morning activities

4          It is unclear why market conditions would have changed so dramatically since the applications were passed to now threaten the applicant’s commercial viability if expansion is denied

2          To decide whether any additional comments are to be made

A         The clerk was instructed to communicate the below observations to the county planning office

1          Concern is expressed over another weigh bridge located at a second entrance to the site and opening on to Pickhill Lane. Although not currently in operation and not referred to directly in the application, it is feared this entrance will be used as an additional entrance to the complex, via the B5130 road and the Holt side of Pickhill Lane.

2          Due to the weight restriction on Pickhill bridge in Isycoed, any HGVs accessing this entrance would have to enter Cross Lanes through the A525/ B5130 traffic lights and pass through the village on the B5130. Such traffic would have a negative impact on a far larger number of people


E          TPO WCBC 275/2017 Tree preservation order at Malan, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TN

1          To receive the comments submitted by the community council under standing order 76.3

Sesswick Community Council supports the permanent imposition of this order as soon as possible, so as to protect these important specimens.


17/118 Street lighting maintenance service level agreement for 2018/ 2019

The document had not yet been received from Wrexham County Borough Council


17/119 Reports from other meetings

A         Wrexham rural community councils and North Wales Police meeting on 4th December 2017 (Cllrs Stead and D. Williams)

1          £29 million is being cut from the North Wales Police budget, which may have a future impact on P.C.S.O. provision. There are no current plans for Wrexham County Borough Council to stop financial contributions to P.C.S.O.s, but this may be re-appraised.

2          There has been an increase in all crime categories across North Wales, including

A         44% increase in domestic abuse

B          34% rise in cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation

C          14 incidents of modern slavery and human trafficking in Wrexham


3          140 crimes have been committed sine HMP Berwyn has been opened. Three officers are on- site.


B          One Voice Wales area committee meeting on 6th December 2017 (Cllr D. Williams)

This focused on transport provision. £25million is available from the Welsh Government to county councils, but it is not clear how much of this would flow to Wrexham.


C          Wrexham Town and Community Council Forum on 14th December 2017 (Cllr Hurst)

The main topic of discussion was the community agents scheme


D         Wrexham County Borough Council Youth Justice service forum on 10th January 2018 (Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Griffiths, F. Williams and D. Williams)

As part of a different meeting organised by Marchwiel Community Council, this involved a brief presentation on the service’s remit in working with identified children and young people.


17/120 Consultations responses made under standing order 76.3

A         To receive the submissions made to the following

1          Boundary Commission for Wales 2018 Review of Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies

Sesswick Community Council supports very strongly its inclusion in the proposed Wrexham constituency.


2         Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales 2018/2019 draft Annual Report

A         It is unjustifiable for the smaller community councils to be obliged to pay £150 to each member. This will push up the precept to unacceptably high levels (over 1/3 for Sesswick Community Council), which would have to be borne by the local tax base.

B          The administration of these payments would also create additional burdens for clerks in terms of complying with HMRC requirements. Furthermore, due to the size and workload of smaller councils, such an allowance appears excessively generous.

C          It would be more agreeable if such a payment was given just to the Chair, on a voluntary basis, in recognition of his/ her responsibilities.

D         The vast majority of councillors in the proposed band D tier are willing volunteers and do not wish to see the level of their councils’ precept rocket just so they can receive allowances.

E          Several councils will have already set their budget and precept for 2018/ 2019, so these proposed changes would not have been reflected. Any implementation should therefore be deferred until 2019/ 2020 at the earliest.


17/121 Training courses

Members noted the proposed training sessions from One Voice Wales, to be considered for future reference.


17/122 Community Council website

Before agreeing to proceed, the clerk was instructed to contact the website administrator to determine what would be covered in any upgrade


17/123 Clerk salary

The clerk’s claim for 27 hours for the period 20th November 2017- 21st January 2018 (9 weeks @ 3 hours per week as per contract) was approved



17/124 Finance

A         To note the items paid since the 20th November 2017 meeting

  Cheque Date Recipient Purpose Amount Council authorisation Empowering legislation
1 677 9/12/2017 Wrexham County Borough Council 4th May 2017 community council election costs £157.83 Minute 17/21.D3 Section 7, 1972 Local Government Act
2 678 1/1/2018 Marchwiel Village Hall 22/11/2017 meeting room hire £16.00 Minute 17/105.D2 Section 133, 1972 Local Government Act
3 679 15/1/2018 Scottish Power Q4 2017 street lighting electricity £48.26 Minute 17/105.D3 Section 3, 1957 Parish Councils Act


B          To settle charges due where billing was presented after the agenda was issued

None had been received


C          To approve the payment of charges anticipated before the March 2018 meeting

  Recipient Purpose Amount (estimated)
1 Association of Voluntary Organisations of Wrexham Clerk salary 20/11/2017- 21/1/2018 £300.00
2 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire 22/1/2018 £24.00
3 Mojacar Community council website domain fee £100.00


D         To approve the Q4 2017 bank and petty cash reconciliations (enclosed)

1          The bank reconciliations as at 29th December 2017 were signed off by the Chairman and independently reviewed by Cllr F. Williams

2          At the above date, the council held £7,483.49, of which £5,483.49 is unrestricted and £2,000.00 is restricted to the purchase of play equipment


E          To approve the budget monitoring report as at 29th December 2017 (enclosed)

The report was accepted without comment

F          To determine if funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve bank accounts

The RFO’s recommendation that £750.00 be moved from the reserve account to the current account was approved.


17/125 Date of next meeting

Monday 19th March 2018


The meeting ended at 8.50pm