Minutes 20/03/2017

Minutes from the Sesswick Community Council meeting held at 6.30pm on Monday 20th March 2017 at Marchwiel Village Hall



Cllr John Hurst                         Chair

Cllr S. Heather Rowland           Vice- Chair

Cllr John Pritchard                   County Councillor

Cllr Christine Stead

Cllr Patricia Jones

Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths

Cllr Raymond Jones

PCSO Lynne Maurice               North Wales Police

Ian Griffiths                             Clerk/ responsible financial officer

No members of the public


16/137 Apologies of absence

No apologies had been received


16/138 Declarations of interest

Councillor Agenda item Nature of interest Explanation
Cllr P. M. Jones 16/142 Personal Member has professional connections with the team undertaking the work
Cllr J. D. Pritchard 16/145 Personal Member is also the local county councillor who sits on the county planning committee
Cllr E. P. Griffiths 16/147 (A & B) Personal and prejudicial Councillor has a close association with the clerk
Cllr P. M. Jones 16/148 Personal Member has professional connections to the organisations involved


It was resolved at this point to temporary suspend standing order 70, so as to allow public participation


16/139 Police report

1          PCSO Maurice advised that the following incidents had occurred since the last meeting on 23rd January:

A         One theft from a motor vehicle in Pickhill. A vehicle was broken into overnight and tools were taken from within. An unsuccessful attempt was also made to enter an outbuilding. Enquiries remain ongoing

B          An attempt had been made to steal solar panels. The offenders fled when disturbed, the panels remaining in situ. Investigations into this are continuing

C          Three road- traffic collisions

i           A vehicle struck a sheep on the southern access link road to the Wrexham Industrial Estate

ii          A vehicle struck another outside the Cooperative store on Holt Road

iii         A two- vehicle collision at the A525/ B5130 traffic lights, where a minor injury was sustained.

2          Due to other commitments, no speed monitoring had been able to take place, but this will resume as soon as possible. Holt Road and the A525 highway between Cross Lanes and Marchwiel will be prioritised.

3          PCSO Maurice confirmed that regular area patrols continue to be carried out in Sesswick.

4          No specific concerns were raised over instances of dog- fouling, but members requested this remains on the authorities’ radar


PCSO Maurice left the meeting at 6.42pm

Standing order 70 was reinststed


16/140 Confirmation of minutes from previous meetings

A         21st January 2017

These were confirmed as a true record

B          2nd March 2017

These were approved as an accurate representation

C          10th March 2017

These were also taken as a true record


16/141 Matters arising

1          16/94.3 (repositioning of Wrexham- bound bus shelter). Wrexham County Borough Council’s Environment department have since confirmed that the bus stop will not be moved from its present location by the A525/ B5130 traffic lights

A         the bus stop is well established, having been in place for many years in what would be recognised as the most appropriate location available

B          the area has benefitted from road safety improvements with the introduction of a 30mph speed limit and updated traffic signals, incorporating a pedestrian crossing

C          to relocate the stop elsewhere on the A525 is not feasible due to a lack of appropriate land and the engineering work required, in an area that would not create any adverse hazards.

2          16/115 (146 bus service). No further communication has been received from Marchwiel Community Council regarding the arrangement between affected councils. The clerk was instructed to follow up with the clerk in Marchwiel.

3          16/120.2A (Wrexham Town and Community Council forum meeting minutes). The official responsible at the county council has confirmed the said minutes can be issued sooner after each meeting, once the draft version has been verified by the Chair and attending officers. This new process will take effect from March 2017

4          16/120.B (Information on public service board committees and volunteering opportunities). No further information has been received from the county council. The clerk can contact again if required.


16/142 Sesswick Play Assessment

A         To receive a verbal report from the working party regarding the status of the grant application and to agree any next steps vis a vis purchase, storage and usage of items and related matters

1          An application for a £650.00 grant had been submitted to the county council, relating to the purchase of a selection of non- static items to improve play opportunities in Sesswick.

2          Such items would be loaned, gratis, to young people upon request

3          The application form had been circulated among members prior to formal submission. No issues or concerns had been raised that would prevent the project advancing.

4          The funding decision from Wrexham County Borough Council was expected very shortly.

5          The working party (Cllrs Hurst, Pritchard, P. Jones and Stead) would continue to manage this venture, and report back to the council at its next meeting on progress.


16/143 County Councillor report

Cllr Pritchard reported on the unacceptable level of littering and fly- tipping in the community, an issue affecting many areas. This had been escalated to the county council enforcement officers


16/144 Reports from other meetings

A         Mayoral reception on 27th January (Cllrs P. Jones, Stead and Griffiths)

1          This event, attended by local community groups, schools and churches and hosted in the Guildhall by His Worshipful the Mayor of Wrexham, Cllr John Pritchard and the Mayoress

Mrs Anne Pritchard was a most convivial occasion. The three community councillors who attended were highly impressed by the hospitality demonstrated.

B          Wales Audit Office “Financial Management and Governance in Community Councils” webinar on 27th February (clerk)

1          The clerk had been unable to log on to the live- event, but will listen to the on- demand recording and take note of any findings

C          One Voice Wales Area Committee meeting on 8th March (clerk)

1          Neither Cllr Williams nor the clerk had been unable to attend

2          The main element of the meeting was a presentation on Play Sufficiency by Flintshire County Council’s Play Development Team, a topic with which Sesswick Community Council is now well- versed

D         Wrexham Town and Community Council Forum on 16th March (Cllr Hurst)

1          The Chairman apologised for not being able to go to the meeting, due to last- minute unforeseen circumstances.

2          Cllr P. Jones had already conveyed her apologies to the clerk as she was away that day. These had been passed to the forum’s clerk.

E          PCSO workshop on 16th March

1          The invitation to participate in this seminar had been sent to all councillors, but no one was free to attend.

F          Society of Local Council Clerks Clwyd Branch annual and quarterly meetings on 17th March (clerk)

1          Due to pressing work- matters, the clerk had been unable to attend.

G         Dame Dorothy Jeffreys charity (Cllr Stead) during the week of 13th March

1          Further to November 2016 minute 16/97.C5, Cllr Stead advised councillors that the trustees had decided not to sell the land in its possession in Bangor Isycoed to a developer. The charity considered the continued holding of the land was a sounder longer- term investment.

The planning application on the adjacent land has also since been withdrawn.


16/145 Planning applications

A         P/2016/0533/ H6955/A/17/3167412: erection of two broiler chicken rearing building (each measuring 101.019m x 23.365m) housing up to 40,000 chickens each, to be served by four feed bins and a wood- chip bin; erection of associated control rooms, feed- weighing rooms and mess facilities; construction of an agricultural storage building and temporary siting of mobile living accommodation in connection of the development. Land north of Cross Lanes roundabout between Sesswick Way and Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham

1          To agree a response to the appeal submission, detailing the council’s reasons for opposing the proposal

1          The clerk was instructed to make the following response to the Welsh Government Planning Inspectorate, in relation to the applicant’s appeal documentation.

A         Sesswick Community Council objects in the strongest possible terms to the above application at the suggested site. It is utterly unfitting and insupportable in the given location.

B          The applicant states “the proposal is considered to be acceptable in terms of policy EC3 of the Wrexham UDP” (APP01, section H). However, in APP08, point 2, it continues “such a policy… should have limited bearing when considering the proposed agricultural scheme”. How can one claim adherence to a policy, but then contest it should be disregarded? The policy, relating to agricultural buildings, clearly states that new isolated buildings “are only permitted if they form part of an existing farm complex”. The application is blatantly notcompatible with that policy as the site is a green field in open countryside. Using the name “Black Rock Farm” would mislead anyone who did not know the area, as it suggests the existence of farm enterprise that is just not there.

C          This council resolutely supports the county- council interpretation of policy EC3 in this planning decision. It has been put out to the community for consultation, been democratically approved and is the unambiguous yardstick against which applications are to be considered.

The conjecture in point 3vi in APP08, declaring that “the UDP has been superseded by the Well- Being of Future Generations Act 2015 and the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework”, is extremely objectionable in its insinuation that the county council’s unitary development plan is now obsolete. Surely it is not for applicants to decide the rules by which their plans are to be judged, so as to obtain the result they desire? Sesswick Way may be the “most suitable” of the plots the applicants visited and which was purchased as a result of advice obtained. That certainly does not permit the planning regulations being used in such a contrived manner to imply acceptability, as any equitable reading of the requirements would find such an application unacceptable. Even if there is a supposed need to increase chicken production at a macro- level, one cannot imagine any piece of local or national legislation that could be deployed to impose a development such as this, in a setting so unfitting for the purpose, and which is devoid of any local support.

D         The “exceptional circumstances” mentioned in policy EC3 which would permit this development have not been evidenced satisfactorily in the appeal files. The conclusion in APP08 is extremely generic, referring nebulously to “the countryside” in general and fails to convincingly explain the specific new factors which should be taken into account. There is no proven agricultural need and it is certainly not demonstrated in any way whatsoever why Sesswick Way is so uniquely qualified as the prime location. There are arguably sites available on the nearby Wrexham Industrial Estate, merely a couple of miles away from the proposed development, which would be far more suitable. These too would be equally well- placed in terms of all the facilities quoted, and with an even better road network, with excellent access in and out of Wrexham via the northern and southern access link roads. Maybe the applicant should had considered this possibility prior to purchasing the land in Cross Lanes.

E          The statement that “the location is not of high landscape value, and consequently the development proposed is not considered to be detrimental to the local environment or the surrounding landscape” (APP08; page 2, point 1) is dubious in the extreme. People living in this community would contest that the site does have agricultural worth and should be so employed. Its positioning, at the entrance to the rural hamlet of Cross Lanes would be an egregious eyesore and within view of several homes. A children’s activity centre, accommodating hundreds of primary school pupils each week, is due to open in 2018 and will be located just across the road from “Black Rock Farm”. In short, this proposal is totally inappropriate for this village location and would have a negative impact on residents’ quality of life. The community of Sesswick is agricultural in nature, with a number of traditional family farms. This almost industrial- scale facility would be alien to this backdrop.

F          This council qualifies the assertion that the highway network is “exceptionally good”. The recently- constructed southern access link road to the Wrexham Industrial Estate sees heavy volumes of high speed traffic of 60mph+, of which the police are aware. This will undoubtedly increase further as the nearby 2,000- men prison is opening. Slow- moving HGVs entering and exiting the proposed broiler site would be an undeniable risk to motorists, especially as one assumes most vehicles from the complex would be turning right and therefore having to traverse both lanes of the highway. Rush- hour is a particularly perilous period, with the potential for queuing traffic at the site entrance

G         The comment regarding the perceived convenience vis a vis the Maelor Poultry plant is a red- herring. The documentation admits this site would need input from another 32 poultry farms of a similar size for its operations. As “Black Rock Farm” would therefore only contribute 3% anyway, its suggested importance is grossly overstated.

H         Page 5 of the APP09 advises “the proposal clearly meets this element of creating and maintaining sustainable rural economies”. With only four full- time workers proposed, its contribution is negligible and unpersuasive.

I           Page 7 of APP09 informs “as with any system that relies on mechanical equipment, failures are not uncommon and it is essential for someone to be onsite at all times to respond immediately”. Such a statement regarding the probability of regular process malfunctioning is most disconcerting. One fears what the implications may be in terms of biosecurity, noise levels and odour pollution for those living nearby, especially if the issue be difficult to resolve. Should contaminants and toxins seep down from the site, there is a real danger that these may find their way to the nearby brook and then readily into the river Dee. The effects of such a leak on the environment would be truly chilling

J           This council therefore continues to firmly believe that this application should not be permitted.

2          The clerk was also instructed in forward the community council’s initial objections (linked to the planning application documentation) to the Planning Inspector.

3          The clerk will also request that a representative from the community council be allowed to speak at the hearing.


B          P/ 2016/0953: change of use of Cross Lanes Country Hotel (use class C1) and the Lodge (use class C3) to children’s activity centre (use class C2), to include extension to existing hotel building, erection of buildings and equipment for children’s activities with associated car parking, coach parking, landscaping and railings. Former Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TF

1          To receive notice that permission has been granted by Wrexham County Borough Council

1          Permission had been granted subject to the following conditions

A         development must start before 10th April 2022

B          development must be in accordance with the details shown on the approved drawings

C          the premises must be used as a residential children’s activity centre and for no other purpose

D         prior to first usage, a scheme must be submitted to, and then approved by, the county council detailing a methodology and opening times for bookable access to a meeting room place within the building for members of the public and community groups. Once implemented as approved, this needs to be retained in operation thereafter

E          samples of external- facing materials need to be approved by the county council prior to use

F          a detailed scheme of external lighting (including position, specification and height) needs to be approved by the county council prior to installation

G         No part of the development can start until a scheme for the comprehensive and integrated drainage of the site (including how foul water, surface water and land drainage) will be dealt with has been approved by the county council. Such as scheme must be implemented and maintained as approved

H         No land drainage run- off or surface water shall be permitted to discharge or connect to the public sewerage system (directly or indirectly). Foul and surface water needs to be drained separately from the site

I           Development is to be carried out as per the 2017 great crested newt method statement approved as part of the application

J           Development cannot start until the planning authority has received either

I           a licence issued by Natural Resources Wales authorising the specified development can go ahead (as per regulation 53 of the 2010 Conservation and Habitat Regulations

Ii          a statement from the relevant licensing body to stating it does not consider the development will require a licence

K         No tree identified for removal can be removed until it has been inspected by a suitably- qualified ecological consultant, and then approved by the county council

L          Development cannot start until a bio-security risk assessment has been submitted and approved.

M         The development cannot commence until a detailed arboricultural method statement has been submitted and approved by the planning authority. This will include:

I           specifications for tree protection fencing and ground protection measures, complying with UK standards

Ii          tree protection plan, showing the location of trees to be removed and retained with their crown spreads, root protection areas, constriction exclusion zones and location of protective fencing and ground protection measures

Iii         a full specification for any access, driveway, path, underground services or wall foundations within retained tree root protection areas or construction exclusion zones. This also needs to include methods to avoid damage to retained trees

Iv         details of general arboricultural matters, to include proposed practices with regards to cement mixing, material storage and fires

V         details of the frequency of supervisory visits and the procedures of communicating these findings to the planning authority

Vi        method for protecting retained trees during demolition works

Vii       details of all proposed tree works, including felling and pruning

N         Development cannot start until full details for the arboricultural supervision of the tree protection measures and any ground works within retained trees’ root protection areas have been approved by the county council (measured to the nearest edge of the adjoining highway).

O         The vehicular parking and turning areas need to be fully laid out, surfaced and drained prior to first use. They must consequently remain permanently retained and kept free of obstructions, and made available solely for parking and turning of motor vehicles at all times.

P          Prior to first use, the vehicular access needs to provide visibility splays of 2.4 metres x 70 metres in both directions, to be permanently retained cleared of obstructions thereafter.

Q         The approved landscaping scheme must be fully implemented within 3 months of first use. The soft landscaping needs to be carried out either between November- March or April- September following first use

R          The approved planting/ landscaping scheme is to be permanently maintained. Any items that are removed due to damage, disease or poor condition without planning authority permission need to be replaced within the next available planting season by trees/ shrubs of similar size and species to those originally required to be planted.


16/146 Offer for non- residential courses to local schools

To re-consider the proposition from Robinwood activity centre to provide courses to local key stage 2 children

1          The clerk was instructed to convey members’ approbation to the proposal put forward by the activity centre’s management

A         Local key stage 2 children (aged 7-11) would be offered the opportunity to participate on a course, on a non- residential basis, on suitable dates over the first four weeks of operation. On the initial schedule provided in October 2016, this would likely be on Mondays and Tuesdays (9am- 4.20pm) during February 2018

B          Each day would cover five activities, so the same pursuits would be performed as those attending residentially

C          This would apply to the three nearest primary schools (Ysgol Deiniol in Marchwiel, Ysgol Dunawd in Bangor Isycoed and St. Paul’s school in Isycoed)

D         A tocken price of £15 per pupil would be charged

2          It was agreed to accept Robinwood’s offer for the centre to approach directly the named schools with this offer.

3          The previous offer to hold two activity sessions each Friday evening over seven weeks after opening still stands, pitched at children who have not attended already and aimed at young people aged up to thirteen years old


Cllr Griffiths left the meeting


16/147 Clerical matters

A         To approve the clerk’s timesheet for the period 23rd January- 19th March 2017

1          The clerk’s claim for 29 hours (8 weeks x 3 hours as per contract and 5 hours overtime due to the two extra meetings held in March) was approved

B          To determine whether to accept the National Association of Local Clerk’s recommendation to increase the officer’s pay by 1% effective from 1st April 2017 (from £10.63 to £10.73 per hour)

1          The recommendation was accepted unaminously.

C          To approve the reappointment of Wrexham County Borough Council as clerical payroll administrators for 2017/ 2018 and to approve the service level agreement

1          It was agreed that the county council continue to act in this capacity

2          The clerk had asked for the agreement to be forwarded, ready for presentation at this meeting. As the documentation had not been received, this will be put to the next available forum.


Cllr Griffiths returned to the meeting


16/148 Charitable donations

1          There being £200 unspent in the 2016/ 2017 budget under this category, it was resolved that the following payments be made

A         £100.00 to the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (AVOW). This is to be ringfenced by them for the setting up of the community agent scheme, providing grass- roots support and advice to senior residents in Wrexham County Borough

B          £50.00 to “Home- Start County Borough of Wrexham”, giving volunteer assistance to young families with children aged from newly- born to five years old

C          £50.00 to “Family Friends”, a Wrexham organisation helping disadvantaged families with children from aged five to eleven years old

2          Members were satisfied that there would be benefits accruing to residents from making these donations, and that the level of such rewards would be consummate with the expenditure incurred


16/149 Membership of One Voice Wales

Councillors concurred to renew the subscription to this local government organisation for 2017/ 2018, at a cost of £88.00


16/ 150 Complaints procedure

1          Having considered the information supplied by One Voice Wales, it was agreed that the procedure be adopted by Sesswick Community Council with immediate effect

2          The clerk was instructed to publish the document on the community council website.


16/151 Proposed traffic regulation order

1          The clerk was instructed to convey members’ very strong support to the county council traffic office for its proposed traffic regulation order, to be applied on the lane off- Bedwell road towards Five Fords Cottage:

A         The lives of residents living nearby have been blighted by the litter (some of which being human waste) left by the drivers of certain vehicles parking overnight.

B          The imposition of the order preventing parking in that zone at any time will empower the authorities to move such traffic on and hopefully prevent such unpleasantness from reoccurring.


16/152 Environmental considerations

A         To evaluate the condition around the commemorative stone on Bedwell Crescent and agree any results actions

1          It was decided that the tree nearest to the stone would most probably require pruning towards the end of 2017, but no cutting- back was needed at the moment.


B          To discuss the possible change of ownership of the bench at the roundabout to the Wrexham Industrial Estate, and determine any resulting actions

1          The road constructer had positioned a metal seat on the pathway, just after the entrance to the former Cross Lanes Hotel, when the link road opened in 2012.

2          It was now unclear in whose possession this seating now lies and whether this item should be included in the council’s insurance policy and asset history sheet.

A         Some believed it had been gifted to Sesswick Community Council in 2012

B          Others opined ownership would be transferred after 5 years (ie in July 2017).

C          It was also stated that the bench was situated in the neighbouring community rather than in Sesswick. The counter- argument was made that it was never the intention for Marchwiel Community Council to pick up the cost for any additional assets following the Sesswick- Community- Council- facilitated landscaping of the area around the roundabout at the time.

3          Noting that the seat was in excellent condition and in a relatively secluded area, therefore not representing a major public risk, it was affirmed that no resolution be made on this matter at this meeting


16/153 Annual inspection of fixed assets

The council noted the report, following the clerk’s site inspections on 12th March 2017, where no issues of note were identified.


16/154 2017/ 2018 Annual Investment strategy

The strategy was approved


16/155 Annual risk assessment

The assessment, and its conclusion that Sesswick Community Council faces a low level of risk, was accepted


16/156 Annual internal controls review

1          The findings from Cllr Rowland’s report, covering the period from 1st April 2016 to 12th March 2017 were accepted.

A         Overall, the council’s internal financial controls are deemed to be functioning satisfactorily.

B          The clerk is to ensure approved minutes and other signed documents are scanned and uploaded on One Drive, saved to a memory stick stored off- site and emailed to the Chairman and Vice- Chair.

C          The council’s code of conduct and members’ register of interest need to be loaded to the community council’s website.

2          The clerk assured members these slippages would be rectified by the end of March, and these specific items will be re-tested and the results presented to the May 2017 meeting.


16/157 Finance

A         To receive confirmation of the following settlements made since the 23rd January 2017, as authorised by the council



Cheque number Date signed Recipient Purpose Amount Empowering legislation Prior council approval
1 000642 4th March 2017 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 21/11/2016- 22/1/2017 (27 hours @ £10.63) £281.01 1972 Local Government Act, section 112 16/123.D1
2 000643 10th March 2017 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire for 23/1 (2.5 hours @ £7) and 2/3 (1 hour @ £7) meetings £24.50 1972 Local Government Act, section 133 16/123.D2, 16/131.B1


B          To settle items due

  Cheque number Recipient Purpose Amount Empowering legislation
1 000644 Ian Griffiths (clerk) £149.59 for 7 printer ink cartridges, £83.20 for website domain, £12 for 3 reams of printer paper, £6.55 for stationery, £4 for a memory stick for data storage £255.34 1972 Local Government Act, sections 111 and 142
2 000645 Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham Donation towards setting up of community agent scheme £100.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 137
3 000646 Home Start Charitable donation £50.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 137
4 000647 Family Friends Charitable donation £50.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 137
5 000648 One Voice Wales Membership fees for 2017/ 2018 £88.00 1972 Local Government Act, section 143


C          To pay any invoices received after this agenda was issued

No requests for payment had been received since the meeting summons was issued


D         To agree settlement of items anticipated before the next meeting

Permission was granted to pay the following charges, should billing be made before the next meeting:

  Recipient Nature Expected amount
1 Scottish Power Street lighting electricity charges for Q1 2017 £50.00
2 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary for period 23/1- 19/3 £325.00
3 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire for 20/3/2017 £24.50
4 Cllr Heather Rowland Printer costs for community leaflet drop £15.00


E          To receive the latest budget monitoring report

The report was approved


F          To decide whether funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve accounts

The council accepted the clerk’s recommendation that £1,000.00 be transferred from the reserve account to the current account, to as to cover billing expected for the May meeting.


G         Review of bank mandate and authorised signatories

1          To approve the addition of the clerk as a signatory (so as to facilitate contact with NatWest)

The above motion was withdrawn, to be resubmitted in the next financial year should there continue to be issues in communication with the bank regarding organising bank transfers

2          To approve amending the mandate from: 1) any two from Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Stead and P. Jones to: 2) the clerk and any two from Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Stead and P. Jones

This motion was also withdrawn. The bank mandate form and cheque signatories will be considered at the May annual meeting, when the new cohort of councillors is known.


H         Internal audit

1          To confirm the reappointment of JDH Business Services Ltd as internal auditor for the year ended 31st March 2017

1          It was resolved to re-appoint the said business to the above role

2          The clerk was therefore instructed to arrange a date with the internal auditor, for the audit to commence.

2          To reiterate that there are no conflicts of interest that would impinge on the said company acting as auditor

1          Councillors and the clerk confirmed that there are no issues that would prevent the staff of JDH Business Services Ltd (John Henry and Sharon Jones) from acting on an independent, objective and professional basis

A         There are no personal, familial or work- relations between the council (members and staff) and the company, nor are there any potential conflicts of interest.

B          The company employs professional and suitably qualified staff and specialises in the internal audit of community councils


I           External auditor

1          To advise the reappointment of Grant Thornton as auditor for the 2016/ 2017 accounts

1          This continuation of the contract from the Wales Audit Office was duly noted.

2          To receive notice of the timescales for the audit and the areas of focus

1          The statutory deadline for councils to approve the annual return is 30th June 2017.

2          The external audit will begin on 3rd July 2017.

3          Notice of the audit will therefore need to be advertised no later than 19th May 2017.

4          The right of interested parties to inspect the accounts and supporting documentation will start on 2nd June 2017.

5          The audit for 2016/ 2017 will examine in particular:

A         payroll arrangements and the maintenance of proper payroll records, including the correct deductions for tax and national insurance

B          the adoption of the Code of Conduct and members’ register of interests

C          The existence of council websites and the publication of information


3          To confirm that there are no conflicts of interest that would impinge on the said company acting as auditor

1          No reasons were expressed that the said company could not act in this capacity, no- one on the council (members or staff) having any work or other links with the Bristol- based auditors (Louise Luke and Barrie Morris).


16/158 Correspondence

To review the enclosed correspondence received between 16th January and 13th March

A         To agree that standing order 76.3 be invoked to submit responses to the following consultations

1          Welsh Government survey on the services provided and the assets managed by the community council (item 15 in listing: agreed

2          Welsh Government’s “Reforming Local Government” white paper (item 43) : confirmed

3          Boundary Commission for Wales’ 2018 review of the Welsh Westminster Constituencies consultation (item 68) : agreed

B          To decide whether the clerk is to attend the joint One Voice Wales/ Society of Local Council Clerks event on 12th July (£69- item 66)

1          It was agreed that the clerk attend this Ewloe- based event, and that the council would reimburse him for the enrolment cost.

2          The clerk was instructed to contact One Voice Wales to enquire whether any bursary was available for this course.

C          To discuss any other items as raised by members

1          The clerk will forward details to Cllr Stead of Cadwyn Clwyd’s “Red Telephone Regeneration Project”, which aims to provide a unique use for these iconic features within the rural landscape (item 36).


16/159 Date of next meeting

Monday 15th May 2017 (annual meeting following community council elections)


The meeting ended at 8.25pm