Minutes 20/7/2018

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Minutes of the meeting of Sesswick Community Council, held in the Robinwood Activity Centre on Friday 20th July 2018 at 6pm



1          Cllr J. F. Hurst              Chair

2          Cllr S. H. Rowland       Vice- Chair

3          Cllr C. A. Stead

4          Cllr E. P. Griffiths

5          Cllr R. J. Jones

6          Cllr F. A. Williams

7          Cllr J. D. Pritchard        County Councillor

8          Cllr D. Williams

9          I. M. Griffiths               Clerk and responsible financial officer

10        A Police Community Support Officer covering Sesswick

11        A community agent whose remit includes Sesswick

No members of the public

For reasons of confidentiality, only the names of councillors and council staff are listed above


18/33   Apologies of absence

Not applicable, as all members were present


18/34   Declarations of interest

The following declarations were received

  Member Agenda item Nature of interest Explanation
1 Cllr J. D. Pritchard 18/40 (points A-E inclusive) Personal Member sits on local planning authority
2 Cllr E. P. Griffiths 18/45 Personal and prejudicial Member has a close association with the clerk


It was resolved to temporarily suspend standing order 70, so as to allow public participation for the following two agenda items


18/35   Policing matters

1          The P.C.S.O. attending the meeting advised that the following incidents had occurred since the 21st May 2018 meeting:

A         Travellers encamping on a privately- owned field off the A525 road towards Marchwiel. A notice of eviction had been served to the trespassers, who vacated the site prior to the enforcement deadline.

B          the theft of cash from the Bedwell Road Cooperative store. Investigations are ongoing.

C          Criminal damage to a farm gate relating to the traveller camp. The complaint was later withdrawn.

D         Theft in connection to the traveller site. The items reported as being taken from an out-building were subsequently recovered, abandoned, at the location.

E          a report of cyber- blackmail.

F          Two suspicious males at a property on Nant Clwyd Park in the early hours of one morning. Officers arrived within ten minutes of being called and a search of the area was carried out. No persons were found, the property did not seem to have been tampered with and no items had been taken, possibly due to a neighbour shouting out and disturbing the duo.

G         Two- road- traffic collisions, one at the A525/ B5130 cross roads and one on Sesswick Way. One of these incidents caused non- reportable minor injuries.

2          Councillors were alerted to a spate of vehicle thefts in a nearby community, where high- performance cars were being targeted. The P.C.S.O. counselled that residents take appropriate precautions (not displaying valuable items in vehicles, not leaving car keys within easy reach of potential housebreakers)

3          The P.C.S.O. was informed of the presence of a white transit van on Bedwell Road, who had been parking regularly outside one property for a couple of weeks but always drove off before the occupier had the opportunity to approach the driver. The resident was advised to report the van’s registration number to the Overton police station for further research to be carried out.

4          General patrols of the community continue to be carried out regularly by the local police team.

The Police Community Support Officer left the meeting at 6.12pm


18/36   Community agents programme

1          The council welcomed one of the community agents covering the Maelor South area to the meeting, to give further information on the scheme since its launch in May 2018:

A         There are four part- time agents in total, two of whom cover Marchwiel, Bangor- Isycoed, Sesswick and Erbistock & Eyton. All individuals have a wide range of prior experiences (police officer, teacher, MacMillan nurse, carer with expertise in dementia), skillsets which will be well- utilised in these new positions.

B          One agent works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings while the other woks on Thursdays.

C          There is also a social prescriber, located in the mornings in either Overton or Hanmer surgery and supporting patients via GP referrals.

D         So far, the agents have helped around fifty people, in a number of ways:

1          supporting tackling social exclusion and isolation

2          assisting with form- filling

3          providing advice on welfare rights, such accessing housing benefits and attendance allowance

4          arranging bereavement support and details of other telecare helplines

5          providing Blue- Badge training

6          offering assistance on enrolling with an NHS dentist

7          giving information on the community warden service (for £3.30 per week, someone will come to visit thrice- weekly)

8          providing out- of- hospital support (but not medical or hands- on care)

E          The agents are based in the Penley Rainbow Centre, open from Mondays until Fridays and offering day- services available to members of the community:

1          pilates and arts classes

2          “Knit & natter” sessions

3          Luncheon club

4          Garden club

5          Cafe

F          A feasibility study is currently underway to develop a minibus transport service. Four volunteer drivers have been recruited and undergoing driving so far, with more being sought.

G         The agent attending this meeting has recently been distributing copies of the latest Rainbow Centre magazine to residents in Sesswick, to increase aware of the scheme in Cross Lanes and beyond. To date, one resident has been in contact for support, with the hope of more in the future.

H         Although the service is aimed at residents aged fifty years and over, individuals below that limit could have agent support on a case- by case basis.


The community agent left the meeting at 6.30pm

Standing order 70 was reinstated


18/37   Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

A          2018 Annual meeting held on 21st May 2018

1          The meetings were approved as an accurate record, subject to the following rectification:

A         Minute 18/23.A1B changed from “any such payments can still be made to members, subject to receipts being provided and it being demonstrated that such expenses were incurred on council business” to “any such payments can still be made to members up to £150 a year, subject to receipts being provided and it being demonstrated that such expenses were incurred on council business”

B          22nd June 2018 meeting

The minutes, as presented, were taken as a true representation of proceedings.


18/38   Matters arising

1          18/08.1 (overflowing sewage by Bedwell Brook): the faulty grid has now been replaced and the issue has not re-occurred since

2          18/09.B1 (purchase of gazebo for community events): the said item has been acquired. Given that its value is less than the insurance policy excess, it was agreed that this asset not be added to the council’s policy.

3          18/14.3 (overgrown vegetation in the community): grass- cutting had now been carried out.

4          18/26.A (Welsh Government “Review of towns and community councils” consultation): the deadline for making submissions had already passed by the time the clerk had attempted to submit the council’s views, with a request for an extension being declined by the Independent Review Panel


18/39   Unpleasant odours in the community

1          A number of residents had commented on the prevalence of disagreeable smells, which seem to be being emitted from a complex within Cross Lanes. These had been reported to the county council’s pollution control office and Natural Resources Wales (the regulatory authority).

2          Representatives of both organisations had visited the suspected source of the odours (29th June and 3rd July respectively), where “a few minor issues” and “a slight smell” had been detected. These are being addressed by the site’s management, with the support of Natural Resources Wales, and rectification is expected soon.

3          The clerk had placed a notice on the community council notice boards and website advising residents to contact Natural Resources Wales should there be further occurrences of such olfactory contamination

4          The clerk was also instructed to contact Natural Resources Wales to reiterate the community’s concerns over this issue. Noting that some residents had not received any response from the authority after highlighting their concerns with the authority, the clerk was also to clarify how reports received are handled and members of the public are subsequently kept abreast of developments.


18/40   Planning applications and related matters

A         TPO WCBC 275/2017 Tree preservation order at Malan, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TN

1          Members noted that the above order had been enacted, as set out in the initial consultation

B          P/2017/1032, P/2017/1037, P/2017/1038. Applications for removal of condition 14 of planning permission P/2014/0781, condition 11 of P/2017/0165 and condition 11 of

P/2015/0838 to allow the processing in the region of 1,000,000 birds per week. Maelor Foods, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

1          The clerk was instructed to emphasize members’ objections to these applications:

A         Such an increase in operations would involve a corresponding rise in HGV movements on speed- restricted country lanes through residential areas. These routes are not designed to accommodate the projected levels of traffic

B          modern- sized HGVs are larger than the vehicles used at the site previously, so one cannot make a direct comparison and state that the projected traffic levels will be less than those during the time First Milk/ Dairy Crest.

C          It appears unwise to permit a doubling in capacity while perceived odour emissions from the complex are still being addressed with Natural Resources Wales

C          P/2018/0322: Application For Consent To Display 2 No. Internally Illuminated Fascia Signs, 2 No. Internally Illuminated Logos And 6 No. Non-Illuminated Wall Mounted Flat Panels. Cooperative Retail Services Limited, Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TR

1          Permission has been granted by the local planning authority

D         P/ 2018/ 0327: Application For Consent To Display two Signage Boards Located At The Entrance To The Activity Centre. Former Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TF

1          Permission has been granted by the local planning authority

E          P/2018/0380: new extension in rear yard to form a new bakery enclosure, installation of two new AC units in new plant area, one new compressor and one compressor in garden area, two new compressors in external yard area, two new steel frame walkways with polycarbonate roofs from warehouse to chilled and freezer areas and decoration of shopfront frames. Cooperative retail store, Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TR

1          The community council had supported the above application, in a submission made under standing order 76.3

F          Community development in breach of 2016 agreement

1          Further to May 2018 minute 18/14.5, it has since transpired that the work had taken place on private land and not on public space as initially believed, when this area was included in the county council’s audit of open amenity.

2          Cllr Pritchard will request that the local authority updates its records, underlining that the previously- acknowledged deficit in open areas is now further exacerbated with the removal of this space.


18/41   Jubilee stone improvements

1          Commenting that the regular tidying of the area (minute 18/10) had made the site more attractive, it was agreed that there be no further discussions into this matter until further notice, and that the working party be disbanded.

2          Cllr Pritchard would raise at county council level why the grass around the A525 roundabout and Sesswick Way had not been cut, as it was understood that this had now be adopted by Wrexham County Borough Council and was their responsibility to maintain.


18/42   Environmental work

1          Further to minute 18/11.2, Cllr Rowland had been informed by the North Wales Wildlife Trust in June that the community council’s request for fibreglass birdboxes was pending with the manufacturer, with no estimated date for delivery and in- situ placing. No other updates had been received.

2          During a recent site visit, a representative of the Trust had commented on the number of high- value tress in Cross Lanes, especially the oaks by the junction of Pickhill Lane and the A525 road. The possibility of protecting the arboreal environment via Tree Preservation Orders would now be investigated by the Trust.


18/43   Reports from other meetings

A         Community Wellbeing Service Stakeholder Group meeting on 6th June 2018 (Cllr Jones)

1          The first gathering of the community agents, the Rainbow Centre Development Director and representatives from the participating community councils was an introductory session into the scheme and its work since launching.

B          One Voice Wales Wrexham and Flintshire Area Committee meeting on 13th June 2018 (clerk)

1          The clerk had been unable to attend this meeting, also encompassing the annual meeting. The invitation was extended to councillors, but no one was available. The minutes will be disseminated once published.

C          Wrexham Town and Community Council forum on 21st June 2018 (Cllr Hurst)

1          The meeting was cancelled due to a lack of agenda items being put forward.

D         “Helping Nature Work for Your Community” seminar on 21st June 2018 (Cllr Stead)

1          It was noted for future reference that funds may be accessible, via the “Landfill disposal tax”, for communities within a five- mile radius of a landfill site to use for environmental projects.

2          The “environmental volunteering” project was also discussed, where children feeling disenchanted at school or elsewhere could have the opportunity to take part in supervised hands- on project work in the community, as a means to boast self- esteem and acquire new skills.

E          Civic Visit to St Giles Church by the new Mayor of Wrexham on 24th June (Cllr Griffiths and the clerk)

1          Attendance was confirmed

F          FCC Wrexham Recycling Park Community Liaison Meeting on 11st July 2018 (Cllr Hurst)

1          The Bryn Lane site on the Wrexham Industrial Estate now recycles over 76% of items received, and is one of the most effective complexes in the UK.

2          Research is currently underway to evaluate means of reducing the bulk of waste. One technique involving the removal of liquid resulted in a volume diminution of 27%.

G         Any other meetings attended

1          Cllr Stead had attended a meeting of the Dame Dorothy Jeffreys Trust on 12th June, where only two applications for funding had been received for consideration. Given the availability of financial support currently available for appropriate projects, the trustees encouraged more young people to apply to the scheme.

2          A meeting of the Play Sufficiency working party also took place on 19th July, in preparation for the Play Day on 24th July


18/44   County councillor report

1          Observing that the bollards at the entrance to the new footpath by the A525 highway by the former Cross lanes Hotel had once again become damaged, enquires were being made as to whether more robust steel barriers can be erected there as a replacement.

2          Cllr Pritchard will escalate concerns that a recently- repaired pot-hole near Maes- Y- Nant Cottages on Kiln Lane had not been filled satisfactorily and a lot of noise was being generated when traffic drive over.

3          A complaint had been received regarding the state of the road surface and the prevalence of potholes on the A525 road towards Pickhill. Cllr Pritchard will endeavour to push for a resolution as soon as possible, in the context of grave funding constraints in the county highways budget.

4          Cllr Pritchard had also been lobbied over the poor bus service for residents in Cross Lanes.


Cllr Griffiths temporarily left the meeting


18/45   Presentation and approval of clerical timesheets

A         May 2018

The claim for twelve hours was approved

B          June 2018

The timesheet for four and a half hours work was also approved.


Cllr Griffiths returned to the meeting


18/46   Finance

A         To approve items for payment

  Cheque number Recipient Purpose Value Empowering legislation Comments
1 000694 Scottish Power Street lighting electricity 30/4/2018- 30/6/2018 £32.00 Section 3, 1957 Parish Councils Act  
2 000695 Cllr C. A. Stead Reimbursement for photocopying expenses relating to the 24th July 2018 Play Event £37.50 Section 111, 1972 Local Government Act Item funded from play- equipment related reserves.  Expenditure, incurred after the agenda had been prepared, had been approved already as per minute 18/09.1B4.



B          To approve items for payment where it is anticipated settlement will fall due before the next meeting

  Recipient Purpose Estimated amount Empowering legislation Comments
1 Wrexham County Borough Council Community street lighting maintenance 1/4/2018- 30/6/ 2018 £35.00 Section 3, 1957 Parish Councils Act  
2 Wrexham County Borough Council Hiring of two assistants from the youth and play team for the 24/7/2018 play event (agreed per minute 18/09.1B3) £150.00 Section 19, 1976 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act To be financed from reserved funds


C          To approve the banks and petty cash reconciliation as at 29th June 2018 (enclosed)

1          The said document, showing a total cash position of £6.215.04 (of which £2,000.00 is reserved for play equipment- related costs) was independently reviewed by Cllr D. Williams prior to council ratification.

D         To discuss and approve the budget monitoring report as at 29th June 2018 (enclosed)

1          The report was approved without further discussion

E          To decide whether any funds need to be transferred between the bank current and reserve accounts

1          The RFO’s recommendation to transfer £3,000.00 from the current account to the reserve account, once the second precept tranche had been received in August, was accepted.


18/47   Well- being of Future Generations Act 2015

1          The clerk was instructed to request that the community council be kept abreast of the work performed by the Wrexham Public Services Board, one of the organisations established by the

above legislation to help public sector bodies, their partners and their communities work together towards improving well-being in their areas

2          Due to the council’s size, Sesswick Community Council is exempt from the duties the Act places on larger bodies, so any resulting collaboration would be on a purely voluntary and case- by- case basis


18/48   Use of the Welsh language

The clerk confirmed he had completed a survey on the above topic from Mentor Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam, stating that this council has extremely limited resources and Welsh- language capabilities to produce bilingual documentation and services


18/49   Date of next meeting

Friday 21st September 2018


The meeting ended at 8.25pm


Approved by council: 21st September 2018 (minute 18/54)