Minutes 18/9/2017

Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting held in Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 18th September 2017 at 6.30pm



  Name Capacity/ organisation Attendance
1 Cllr John Hurst Chairman All items
2 Cllr S. Heather Rowland Vice- Chairman All items
3 Cllr Christine Stead   All items
4 Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths   All items
5 Cllr Raymond Jones   All items
6 Cllr Fern Williams   All items
7 Cllr John Pritchard County Councillor All items
8 Cllr David Williams   All items
9 P.C.S.O. Michael Simister North Wales Police 17/62- 17/65
10 P.C.S.O. Lynn Maurice North Wales Police 17/62- 17/65
11 Nick Dann Deputy Project Director, H.M.P. Berwyn 17/62- 17/64
12 Clair Evans Business and Community Engagement manager, H.M.P. Berwyn 17/62- 17/64
13 Ian Griffiths Clerk and responsible financial officer All items

No other members of the public


17/62   Apologies of absence

Not applicable All councillors were in attendance


17/63   Declarations of interest

  Member Agenda item Nature of interest Explanation
1 Cllr D. Williams 17.73.A Personal and prejudicial Councillor owns land adjacent to the site
2 Cllr Pritchard 17.73.A Personal Councillor sits on Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Committee
3 Cllr Pritchard 17.73.B Personal Councillor sits on Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Committee
4 Cllr Pritchard 17.73.C Personal Councillor sits on Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Committee
5 Cllr Griffiths 17.77 Personal and prejudicial Councillor has a close association with the clerk


17/64   HMP Berwyn

The council received a presentation from the two representatives from the nearby prison, detailing the facility’s operations and its strong rehabilitative ethos for the men incarcerated there.


The two members of staff from HMP Berwyn left the meeting


17/65   Police

1          The following issues had arisen during July- September 2017:

A         Reports of men acting suspiciously, looking over hedges into properties and visiting farms asking for batteries

B          30+ gas canisters stolen from a complex on Holt Road. Enquiries remain ongoing

C          Theft of electric fencing and a battery pack from a field.

D         One case of irresponsible driving. The culprit was stopped and advised by Roads Policing

E          One instance of drink- driving, where the offender was arrested

2          Two sets of speed checks had been carried out on the A525 route between Marchwiel and Cross Lanes subject to the 40mph limit

A         30 vehicles had been checked where the average speed was 42mph,

B          11 drivers had been issued with advisory letters

3          A speed check also took place on the 30 mph area of the B5130 road in Cross Lanes:

A         the average speed was 32mph from the 40 vehicles checked

B          7 drivers received advisory letters

4          While appreciating that the prosecution of fly- tipping is not a police matter, the P.C.S.O.’s were requested to be vigilant over the increased occurrence of rubbish dumping in the community, and to intervene should they witness any suspicious activity. The verges of Sesswick Way and the A525 lay- by between Cross Lanes and Marchwiel were considered to be especially prone to this littering.


P.C.S.O. Maurice and P.C.S.O. Simister left the meeting


17/66   Confirmation of minutes from previous meetings

The minutes of the 24th July 2017 meeting were taken, as presented, as a true record


17/67   Matters arising

1          Dog- fouling (17/41.2). The county council had inspected the requested areas and concluded there was no issue and closed the ticket. The clerk was instructed to request those parts of Cross Lanes continue to be visited on a regular basis by the enforcement agencies.


17/68   Play Sufficiency Assessment Project

A         To receive a report on the 18th August 2017 Play Event held on Nant Clwyd Park

1          The 2- hour event, attended Cllrs Stead, Griffiths and Pritchard (in his capacity as Mayor), the two other members of the working party and several residents, was considered a success.

A         Interest was engendered in the purchased equipment and how it can be loaned out

B          Several bookings for the items have since been made

C          A number of requests had been received to organise a similar community function in the future.

B          To respond to a resident’s comments to the Play Event

1          While acknowledging the need for children to play and not wishing to cause offence, the council had been requested that it uses the different green areas on Nant Clwyd Park on a rota basis should the event be repeated, rather than always utilising the same open space. This was due to the noise generated, rubbish and balloons from the session finding their way into a private garden and for all residents on the housing estate to be treated equally.

2          The clerk was instructed to reply with the following comments:

A         Members are sorry for any inconvenience the event generated. It is appreciated that children playing and enjoying themselves will generate some noise, but those councillors and volunteers who attended the event did not feel the levels were ever excessive.

B          The adults present paid meticulous attention to picking up all the litter after the event had finished. A very small number of balloons had been used and it was not believed any had floated away, so the council apologises if some debris did inadvertently find its way into residents’ gardens

C          The green space used is open land and available for public use, and was viewed as the best position to hold this event. Nevertheless, the council notes the comments made and will take them into account should a similar council- organised session take place in the future.

C          To discuss the logistics of how the play equipment will be loaned out and managed, and to agree any next steps to be taken by the community council

1          The working party will retain responsibility for booking, loaning out and ensuring safe return of the items. The equipment will be stored by one of the volunteers

2          The play equipment will be under the ownership of the community council, and a physical inspection of the items will need to take place as part of the council’s regular fixed assets and risk management duties. The clerk confirmed this equipment had been added to the insurance policy.

D         To receive the final report from the working party, to be submitted to Wrexham County Borough Council as part of the grant conditions

1          The clerk will send a copy of the article published in a local newspaper which covered the event.


17/69   Offer of financial donation

1          It was agreed to accept the kind offer for £2,000.00 from a local business, to be used for the purchase of play equipment in the community

2          A new bank account will be opened with NatWest, operating under the same signing rules as exists for the other accounts, to accommodate these funds


17/70   Re-scaping of area around the Jubilee Stone

A         To receive an update on possible funding sources to finance the scheme

1          This matter was deferred to a future meeting

B          To establish timelines and responsibilities for the project’s continuation, including the creation of a working party if required

1          Cllr D. Williams volunteered to prepare a plan to set out how the landscaped area would appear. This would be discussed at the November meeting.


17/71   Community agents scheme

1          Councillors agreed to the updated proposition from the scheme coordinator

A         In the first instance, there would be one permanent position and two temporary roles.

B          Sesswick would form part of a mini- consortium along with three other community councils to the south of Wrexham.

C          Community agent hours would be allocated to each area based on population and need

D         One of the three other councils (ie not Sesswick) would act as the lead, drawing down the funding for the whole consortium and administering the service delivery with the Rainbow Centre for the entire group. This procedure would be documented by a memorandum of understanding once agreed by all four members

E          Sesswick Community Council will receive regular updates on the work of the community agents in its area.


17/72   County Councillor report

Cllr Pritchard had no additional comments to make


Cllr D. Williams left the meeting


17/73   Planning applications and associated matters

A          P/ 2016/ 0533/ H6955/A/17/3167412. Erection of two broiler chicken rearing buildings (each measuring 101.019m x 23.365m) and housing up to 40,000 chickens each, to be served by 4 feed bins and a wood chip bin, erection of associated control rooms, feed- weighing rooms and mess facilities, construction of an agricultural storage building and temporary siting of mobile living accommodation in connection with operation of the development. Land North of Cross Lanes roundabout, between Sesswick Way and Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham

1          An acknowledgement of the community council’s comments made as per July 2017 minute 17/56.B2 had been received. A detailed reply is expected from the Planning Inspectorate by 5th October 2017.

2          Responses had also been received from:

A         The Member of Parliament for Clwyd South, who suggested the community council liaise with the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. It was decided not to pursue this path as the Planning Bureau had already affirmed that the Inspector’s work had been conducted correctly.

B          The Welsh Assembly Member for Clwyd South, who would escalate the community’s reservations with the Inspectorate


Cllr D. Williams returned to the meeting


B          P/2017/0467. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions imposed under planning permission code P/2016/0953.Former Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0TF

1          Permission was granted by Wrexham County Borough Council for the following matters

A         Approval of foul water, surface water and drainage handling schemes (condition 7)

B          Compliance with Regulation 53 of the 2010 Conservation and Habitat regulations (condition 10)

C          Inspection of trees to be removed by an ecological consultant beforehand (condition 11)

D         Approval of a bio- security risk assessment (condition 12)

E          Approval of a detailed arboricultural method statement, considering tree protection fencing, tree protection plans and other proposed tree works (condition 13)

F          Approval of the arboricultural supervision of the tree protection measures (condition 14)


C          P/2017/0626. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions imposed under planning permission code P/2015/0838. Maelor Foods, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

1          Permission was granted by Wrexham County Borough Council for the following matters

A         Approval of a system for the treatment of foul water and effluent (condition 5)

B          Approval of a system to manage surface water run- off (condition 7)


17/74   Reports from other meetings

A         New Councillor induction training 27th July (Cllr F. Williams & Cllr D. Williams)

1          Both members confirmed attendance

B          Data Protection webinar 12th September (clerk)

1          The clerk confirmed participation

2          The actions the council needs to be take will be advised in due course.

3          To ensure statutory compliance, it was resolved with immediate effect to rescind July 2017 minute 17/60.B & 17.60.C.

A         Going forward, the clerk will notify members of received items of interest on a case- by- case basis and these will be recorded in the minutes as appropriate.

B          Any items not deemed relevant by the clerk will be destroyed,

C          No correspondence list will be maintained and distributed

C          Any other meetings attended

1          No other sessions had been attended


17/75   Training

1          Cllr D. Williams will attend the following sessions

A         “How to be more effective when responding to planning applications” in Wrexham on 28th September (gratis)

B          “An introduction to planning” in Mold on 17th October (£35)

2          Cllrs Jones and D. Williams will be present at the “Code of Conduct” training in Wrexham on 3rd October. Cllr Griffiths and the clerk will participate in the same course on 16th October


17/76   Clerk payroll administration

1          The service agreement for AVOW to act as the council’s payroll administrators with immediate effect was completed.

2          It was agreed that Cllr Hurst be the council’s principal contact with AVOW

3          AVOW’s pricing structure is currently £12 per BACS payment, raising to £13 from 1st April 2018. No initial set- up fee is chargeable


Cllr Griffiths left the meeting


17/77   Clerk salary

The clerk’s claim for 32 hours (including 8 hours overtime) for the period 24th July 2017- 17th September 2017 was approved.


Cllr Griffiths returned to the meeting


17/78   Membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks

Members agreed that, going forward, the council would finance the clerk’s membership of the above organisation.


17/79   Finance

A         To note the items paid since the 24th July 2017 meeting

  Cheque Date Recipient Purpose Minute authorisation Empowering legislation Amount
1 659 6/8/2017 One Voice Wales Cllr F. & D. Williams training 27/7/2017 17/46.D3 Section 111, 1972 Local Government Act £40.00
2 660 17/8/2017 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire 24/7/2017 17/46.D2 Section 133, 1972 Local Government Act £24.00
3 661 5/9/2017 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 15/5- 23/7/2017 17/46.D1 Section 112, 1972 Local Government Act £332.63


B          To settle charges due

  Cheque Recipient Purpose Empowering legislation Amount
1 662 Ian Griffiths (clerk) Reimbursement for play equipment purchased Section 19, 1976 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act £671.89
2 663 Ian Griffiths (clerk) Reimbursement for Information Commission annual registration fee Section 18, 1998 Data Protection Act £35.00
3 664 Ian Griffiths (clerk) Reimbursement for joint One Voice Wales/ Society of Local Council Clerks conference 12/6/2017 Section 111, 1972 Local Government Act £82.80
4 665 Society of Local Council Clerks Data Protection webinar fee 12/9/2017 Section 111, 1972 Local Government Act £36.00



C          To settle charges due where billing was presented after the agenda was issued

  Cheque Recipient Purposes Empowering legislation Amount
5 666 Wrexham County Borough Council Street lighting maintenance fee Q2 2017 Section 3, 1957 Parish Councils Act £33.47



D         To approve the payment of charges anticipated before the November 2017 meeting

  Recipient Purpose Amount (estimated)
1 Association of Voluntary Organisations of Wrexham Clerk salary 24/7/2017- 17/9/2017 £350.00
2 Association of Voluntary Organisations of Wrexham Quarterly payroll administration charges £24.00
3 Marchwiel Village Hall Meeting room hire 18/9/2017 £24.00
4 Scottish Power Street lighting electricity Q3 2017 £50.00


E          To decide whether funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve bank accounts

The RFO advised that no transfer was needed as this point.


F          To determine and agree a policy for the council’s financial reserves

This was deferred to a future meeting


17/80   Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2017

A         To receive notice of the audit’s conclusion

This was duly noted

B          To respond to the auditor’s comments and recommendations

1          The Auditor General for Wales had issued Sesswick Community Council an unqualified audit report

2          However, the external auditor wished to draw to members’ attention that that the trust fee disclosure for 2016/ 2017 had been incorrectly completed on the annual return (box 14). This should have been marked as “N/A” rather than “no” as the council has no responsibilities in this regard

3          Members accepted these comments, and the RFO apologised for this error.

C          To note the council’s subsequent action in advertising the completion of audit

1          Confirmation of the audit’s conclusion had been placed on the community council’s notice boards and website from 27th August- 12th September. The annual return had also been displayed on the said boards.

D         To agree a response to the “audit satisfaction survey”

All concurred that the audit had been very well executed by Grant Thornton, so maximum scores would be awarded in all areas.


17/81   Fixed assets inspection

The clerk had performed a visual inspection of the council’s assets during the weekend of 2nd– 3rd September 2017, where no issues had been identified


17/82   Correspondence

A         To determine a response (if appropriate) to the following

1          Welsh Government “Electoral Reform in Local Government in Wales” consultation

A         It was decided that no corporate response be sent. Rather, individual members could submit responses if so inclined

2          Welsh Government initiative for town and community councils to set up joint arrangements (“clustering”) and whether to apply for a grant to facilitate its practical application

A         Members expressed interest in the approach from a neighbouring community council to arrange a meeting with them and a third council from the south- east of Wrexham to discuss closer working arrangements. The Chairman would be involved in initial talks, and these be opened up to the full council as required

B          To review the items received (enclosed)

The list was reviewed without further comment


17/83   Date of next meeting

Thursday 21st September 2017- special meeting to hear a presentation from a potential beneficiary of council funds devoted to charity

Monday 20th November 2017- next ordinary meeting


The meeting ended at 9.15pm