Minutes 18/07/2016

Minutes of the meeting of Sesswick Community Council, held in Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 18th July 2016 at 6.30pm


Name Present   for agenda items
Cllr   John Hurst (Chairman) All
Cllr   Heather Rowland (Vice- Chairman) 16/44,   16/45, 16/46, 16/47, 16/48.B, 16/49.A, 16/49.B, 16/50.A, 16/50.C (part),   16/51.B, 16/51.C, 16/52, 16/53, 16/54, 16/55, 16/56, 16/58.A (part), 16/61   (part), 16/62
Cllr   Jenny Williams 16/40,   16/41, 16/42, 16/43, 16/48.A, 16/49.C, 16/50.B, 16/50.C (part), 16/50.D,   16/50.E, 16/50.F, 16/51.A, 16/57, 16/58/.A (part), 16/58.B, 16/59, 16/60,   16/61 (part), 16/63
Cllr   Elizabeth Griffiths All   bar 16/49.A and 16/49.B
PCSO   Lynn Maurice (North Wales Police) 16/40,   16/41, 16/42
Ian Griffiths   (Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer All

No members of the public

16/40   Apologies for absence

Cllr John Pritchard

Cllr Christine Stead

Cllr Patricia Jones


16/41   Declarations of interest

Councillor Agenda   item Nature of interest Reason for interest
Cllr   Griffiths 16/49.A Personal and prejudicial Councillor is clerk’s mother
Cllr   Griffiths 16/49.B Personal and prejudicial Councillor is clerk’s mother


16/42   Police feedback

1          There had been no major crime in the area since the May 2016 meeting

2          Some residents on Holt Road had reported instances of unknown individuals ringing door bells or using intercoms at unexpected times in the evening and night. The perpetrators would immediately drive off once approached. The concern was this was a speculative venture to see if anyone was at home. Patrols had been carried by the police but nothing             untoward was detected. No further instances have been reported since the end of May.

3          In June, a report was received of fire safety equipment being moved on a truck parked on a driveway in Cross Lanes. No items were stolen and the reporter did not wish to pursue the matter further.

4          It is hoped that speed monitoring will take place on Bedwell road during July, August and September, with data being provided for the September meeting. This would have occurred earlier but there had been much demand for the use of the speed guns over recent weeks and two officers are needed for its deployment

5          Further to issues raised in previous meetings, PCSO Maurice was requested to continue   gauging the occurrence of dog fouling in Cross Lanes. She will also monitor parking issues in the community.

6          PCSO Maurice distributed information on the Community Speed Watch programme.       Members of the public (a minimum of six adults), with assistance from the Police, gauge the speed of vehicles where and when a problem is perceived. Drivers who are breaking the limit will then receive a warning letter from the police Two residents from Cross Lanes had already put their names forward to serve on a Community Speed Watch group. The clerk was      instructed to display the scheme’s details on the community council notice boards.

7          Flyers were circulated on Card Minder Aluminium pouches, which can help in preventing contactless bank card and credit card fraud. Information on how these can be purchased will be shown on the notice boards.

8          A councillor reported that dirt- bike riders had been trespassing on private land on Bedwell Lane on Sunday 17th July, racing up and down the field.  PCSO Maurice confirmed this area would be checked as part of police patrols and intervention taken if required.


PCSO Maurice left the meeting at 6.50pm

As Cllr Williams needed to depart from the meeting at 7pm for family reasons, it was moved, as under standing order 16, to alter the order of business. This is to ensure the maximum number of urgent items is covered before the meeting becomes inquorate. The motion was agreed unanimously.


16/43   Co-option

1          No formal expressions of interest had been received

2          Notice of the remaining vacancy will therefore remain displayed on the council notice boards  and website


16/44– deferred

16/45– deferred

16/46– deferred

16/47– deferred


16/48   Planning and related applications

A         To agree a response to the following

1          P/2016/0533: Erection of two broiler chicken rearing buildings (each measuring 101.09m x 22.365m) housing up to 40,000 chickens each, to be served by 4 feed bins and a wood chip bin, erection of associated control rooms, feed weighing rooms and mess facilities, construction of an agricultural storage building and temporary siting of mobile living   accommodation in connection with operation of the development. Land north of Cross Lanes roundabout between Sesswick Way and Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0PA

Following input from Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Jones, Stead, Williams and Griffiths prior to the meeting, the council agreed to vehemently oppose this application

A         This intensive factory- style farming method is not suitable or acceptable in close            proximity to a housing estate and abattoir for human food production. Also, it should be well     away from water courses which may be subject to contamination.

B          The design and access statement is sketchy, vague and inadequate in that it makes no reference to vital considerations.

1          The plan shows the proposal in isolation to surrounding neighbouring features and the  environment.

2           The plans, in particular field divisions, are inaccurate and misleading.

3           There is no acknowledgement of the proximity to a large residential area to the southeast and individual houses to the north and an abattoir (for human food production) to the north east. Specifically, the plans allude to the complex being situated close to Five Fords Farm, and not near the bridge on Bedwell Road. This gives a false impression to residents who would not realise this development is so close to their homes.

4           The plan does not show the proximity to Bedwell Brook, which flows into the Clywedog and directly into the river Dee

5            The land is good quality farm land, suitable for grazing animals and fodder production

C          The council’s major concerns include:

1           Its proximity to a large residential area, subject to possible further housing  development in the future, downwind of the proposed site. The prevailing winds are westerly

2           there is no reference to possible noise pollution/ nuisance, potentially occurring day- and- night

3           There is no reference/ studies to possible air pollution/ smells on account of the numerous vents and fans, or reference to the air filtration system. The local area suffers enough from air contamination from the existing facilities very close to these units. The air can at times already be so putrid that people are unable to be in their gardens during fine weather because of the bad air and flies.

4           The visual impact on the landscape amenity. The ridge height of 5.681 metres will be exceeded by the feeding bins and extractor fans. The existing hedges and trees will in no way act as sufficient screening

5           The proximity to Bedwell Brook. The proposal suggests that roof water and yard water is discharged into what is essentially a soak-away system which cannot work properly in an area of heavy clay. Also, yard water is likely to be contaminated with diesel, disinfectants etc These will seep into the water table and Bedwell Brook

6           It is proposed that the internal wash-downs and dirty water will be collected in a sealed underground containment tank. There is no indication of measures to ensure that there are no   leakages should the tank fail or overflow. There is no evidence of procedures to prevent accidental escape, or on how these processes are monitored, especially at times of high         rainfall.

7           There appears to be an underground drainage pipe of some kind coming from the direction of the proposed site and emerging from the ground in the next field near Bedwell Brook

8           Access on to the highway is especially treacherous on account of heavy industrial traffic throughout the day and particularly at rush hours at speeds of 60mph plus. Slow- moving vehicles entering & exiting the site represent a real danger, against which improved visibility splays and a new slip road could never satisfactorily mitigate

9           There is a chicken breeding complex in the neighbouring district of Isycoed. Once established, it grew to comprise five buildings of similar size to those in the proposal. The proposed field could easily take more buildings in the future.

10         This new proposal would bring about an excessive number of chicken breeding buildings within a small area.

11         A mobile home and mess facilities are to the incorporated into the plan, but there is no mention of where the sewage and related facilities are to go

12        It is unacceptable that the staff looking after the birds twenty- four hours-a-day will         apparently be living in a mobile home on- site. An application for a house should be made. In past cases, workers living in mobile homes were told to move out.

13         There is a pond on the site which will contain the greater crested newts. The habitat of this protected species may well become contaminated.

14         This facility will spoil the rural aspect of the area. Bedwell road is becoming a lane for    residents to walk, cycle, and horse ride as there are few enough public facilities in Cross     Lanes.

15         The potential for vermin is a huge concern. Chicken feed and carcasses are an enticement for rats, foxes etc. The diseases these scavengers carry are a health risk to humans and livestock. The risk of botulism being spread by carrion has been realised in other areas where such facilities exist. Allowing the application would be foolhardy given the prevalence of dairy farming in the area.

16        It seems that the poultry manure and wood shavings will only be removed from the complex at the end of each cycle. It is not clear how thirty seven days of avian excrement and the accompanying stench can be safely contained in the building. No interior designs have been provided to demonstrate how this would be achieved.


16/48.B– deferred

16/48.C– deferred


16/49   Clerical matters

A– deferred

B– deferred

C          To decide whether to re-appoint Wrexham County Borough Council as payroll administrator for 2016/ 2017

The clerk was instructed to request a new service level agreement and pricing from the county council for the new financial year, for presentation at the September meeting


16/50   Finance

A-        deferred

B          To approve payment of charges expected to fall due before the September 2016 meeting

The following were approved for settlement before the next meeting, as the payment due dates will fall before September.

  Recipient Purpose Approximate   value
1 Scottish Power Q2 2016 street lighting electricity costs £50.00
2 Marchwiel  Village Hall Room hire costs for 18th July meeting £20.00


Approval was not given for the following

  Recipient Purpose Reason
1 Wrexham   County Borough Council Clerk   payroll: 23rd May- 17th July Timesheet   to be presented at September meeting
2 Wrexham   County Borough Council 2016/   2017 clerk payroll administration costs New   SLA and costs to be presented at September meeting


C          To receive the latest budget monitoring report

The report, prepared as at 13th July 20016 was accepted without comment


D         To receive the latest bank and cash reconciliations

1          The balances, taken from the latest statements dated 3rd June 2016, were noted. The reconciliation was independently reviewed by Cllr Williams

2          As at the statement date, the council has total balances of £7,206.51


E          To determine whether any funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve    accounts

1          No such transfer was considered necessary at this time


F          To review the 2015/ 2016 members’ allowances and expenses report

1          The report was approved as presented and consequently signed by the Chairman.

2          The only payment made was £20.70 travelling expenses to the Chairman to see the Internal Auditor in May 2015 during the clerical interregnum.

3          The clerk was instructed to publish this report on the council website and notice boards, and also to notify the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales by the 30th September 2016 deadline.


16/51   Sesswick Play Sufficiency assessment

A         To agree the proposed timelines for the project

1          The clerk was instructed to convey the council’s acceptance of the timings set out by the county council Youth and Play team

A         Initial community audit- during school summer holidays

B          Research with children- September

C          Community consultation event- October

D         Final audit report- November

2          The clerk will request that the project team inform the community council of the specific dates when these events will be taking place (as they become known), so that these can be publicised in the community and all parties will have the opportunity to make their views     known.

B– deferred

C– deferred


16/52- deferred

16/53– deferred

16/54– deferred




16/57   Councillors’ Register of Interest

Following advice received from One Voice Wales, it was agreed to implement the following with immediate effect

1          In addition to declaring interests in meetings, members will also need to state the nature of the interest:

Nature   of interest High-   level (and not exhaustive) definition Consequences
Personal Where   the well- being or financial position of a councillor, members of their   family  or people with whom the   councillor has a close association is likely to be affected  by the business of the meeting more than it   would affect most people in the area. The   member may remain in the meeting, speak and vote on the matter, unless the   nature of the interest is also prejudicial
Personal   and prejudicial Where   the matter being discussed affects the councillor’s financial position or   that of any person with whom they have a close association, and where a   member of the public who knows the relevant facts would reasonably think the   member’s personal interest is so significant that it may prejudice their   judgement The   existence and nature of the personal and prejudicial interest must be   declared before that item is debated. The councillor must then leave the   room- they cannot remain and observe any votes


2          Given the perceived subjectivity that councillors may face when considering the nature of the interest for a given item, it was recommended to always take a cautious approach in cases of ambiguity. That way, the individual and the council as a whole aims to take a position that is beyond reproach and the risk of possible recrimination is minimised.

3          As well as making an oral declaration of any interests at meetings, an affected- councillor will also need to complete a form documenting the interest. This will be filed in the Register of Interests, available for public inspection. Details of this will also need to be added to the community council website

4`         Interests only need to be declared as relevant matters appear on the agendas. Interests do not need to be declared up- front before matters arise in meetings.


16/58   Code of Conduct

A         To adopt the revised Code of Conduct

1          Councillors agreed to accept and abide by the revised Code,

2          All members had been presented with copies prior to the meeting

3          The clerk was instructed to forward a copy of the approved Code to Conduct to the Public Ombudsman for Wales


B          To determine how adoption is to be advertised in the press

1          To comply with section 51 (6) (b) of Part III of the 2000 Local Government Act, it was    decided for notice of adoption to be given in the “Essentially Yours” community magazine.

2          One Voice Wales had confirmed this approach would satisfy the said legislation’s           requirements.


16/59   Police performance

1          The clerk was instructed to complete the questionnaires for the first six months of 2016.

2          The council was extremely satisfied with the performance of PCSO’s Simister and Maurice. They regularly attend council meetings, keep the council abreast of current issues, execute action plans as agreed in meetings and are easily contactable.


16/60   Venue for future council meetings

1          The clerk presented the pricing for three possible venues within close distance of Cross Lanes

2          It was agreed to hold future meetings at Marchwiel Village Hall, which offered excellent facilities and the least expensive hire- rate (£7 per hour) for Monday evenings.


16/61   Correspondence

Cllrs Hurst, Williams and Griffiths considered the 180 items of correspondence that had been received between 18th May and 12th July

1          One Voice Wales Area Committee meeting on 19th July (item 150).  Considering the items to be discussed, it was not deemed necessary for a representative of Sesswick Community Council to attend

2          Wrexham County Borough Council consultation on “Wrexham Strategic Road Network Capacity and Improvement Study 2016” (item 154). The clerk will forward the details to          members and a submission will be made under standing order 76.3 if deemed appropriate.


16/62– deferred


16/63   Date of next meeting

Monday 19th September 2016


Cllr Williams left the meeting at 7pm

As only two councillors were now present, the meeting became inquorate. As per standing order 6, the Chairman adjourned the meeting


Cllr Rowland arrived at 7.15pm


With three councillors now present, the meeting was quorate. The Chairman re-opened the meeting to debate those items previously deferred


16/44   Confirmation of minutes from previous meetings

A         23rd May 2016

As only two members present attended the annual meeting, there were insufficient numbers to confirm the minutes’ veracity. This was therefore deferred to the September meeting


B          27th June 2016

Subject to “£1,177+ “in item 16/34.C2C (minute book page 998) being amended to “£1,117” to be consistent with the value quoted in item 16/34.A5 (page 997), the minutes were approved as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.


16/45   Matters arising

1          No matters were discussed from the May meeting minutes, as these had not been approved

2          16/32.5 – the clerk confirmed newly- co-opted Cllr Griffiths had received a copy of the    council’s financial regulations, standing orders, Code of Conduct and 2016/ 2017 budget.


16/46   County Councillor feedback

This was deferred to the next meeting, when Cllr Pritchard can attend


16/47   Reports from other meetings

A         Wrexham Town & Community Council forum 16th June 

1          Cllr Hurst had been unable to represented Sesswick Community Council at the forum,     covering:

a          Local Authority Play Sufficiency Duties

b          Safeguarding of Veterans Standards campaign (requesting donations from Community     Councils by 30th June)

2          It was not known whether Cllr Jones had attended.

3          In any case, the meetings’ presentations had been received and these had been forwarded to members

B          New Mayor reception 19th June

1          Cllr Rowland confirmed her attendance

C          Any other meetings attended

Neither Cllrs Hurst, Rowland nor Griffiths had represented the council at any other meeting since the May annual meeting


16/48   Planning and related applications

A– already covered

B          To receive from the clerk the reasons for objecting to the following

1          Development Consent Order to authorise the construction, operation and maintenance of a new combined cycle gas turbine electricity generating station which will have a rated electricity output of up to 299MWe. Kingmoor Park South, to the east of Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate

The following, incorporating comments received from Cllrs Hurst, Rowland, Stead and Jones, had been submitted to the consultation process as permitted under standing order 76.3

a          Sesswick Community Council opposes this application.

b          The power station, gas pipeline and transmission of the power generated from Bryn Lane are all of paramount significance and need to be decided together as one single      application decided concurrently by public enquiry. One element by itself cannot be viewed in isolation and on different timelines as they are all integral to the proposition.

c          The premise that additional electricity generation is needed on the Wrexham Industrial    Estate is highly suspect. Energy issues were never stated as a limiting factor when HMP    Berwyn was being considered. North East Wales is already a major power exporter     and electricity can easily be imported from existing generation sites better suited to the        purpose should it be required.

d          The proposed location is flawed. It would be far more appropriate to position such a        development either on the site of a decommissioning power station or to allow existing units to expand, to readily tap into the in- situ infrastructure and expertise. Furthermore, the local communities there would be accustomed to such industries

e          Society needs to move away from fossil fuels and the associated harmful carbon dioxide emissions to more environmentally- friendly and sustainable alternatives. A gas- fired power station would represent a retrograde step.

f           Scottish Power flagged concerns in the previous application two years ago regarding the capacity of its own 132kV system to take the 299MW of export, without the need to increase the cable and pylon sizes to accommodate this. These matters have not been satisfactorily addressed in this new submission.  The possibility of pylons being erected is particularly unpopular and needs to be resolved at this initial stage of the process. It cannot be deferred or glossed over for future contemplation.

g          For such a major construction project, the application is insufficiently detailed to permit. The stack heights are estimates, landscaping and the build finish is not discussed meaningfully and the dimensions are merely indicative.  Furthermore, concerns remain over security and        whether the proposed noise & emissions abatement strategies would be adequate

h          It appears there will be two pipelines connecting the site to the Maelor Gas Works. This   suggests an appetite for expansion, intentions which should be declared now.

i            Such a development in close proximity to a primary school and houses is undesirable.

j            Several businesses on the Wrexham Industrial Estate operate in the food and tertiary industries and require unpolluted conditions. They would not benefit from additional carbon dioxide emissions in the neighbourhood. Such businesses may well re-locate as a result and new companies may be deterred from coming here.

k          The allure of high- quality local work at the power station is arguably overstated and would not outweigh the many negative effects of the scheme. The construction jobs would be transitory and the definition of “local” in the context of the prison is a sixty minute commute, so the employment benefits to Wrexham of this scheme remain dubious


2          P/2016/0358: Outline planning application for the installation of an underground           pipeline of up to 400mm nominal bore set at least 1.1m below ground level and extending approximately 3500m from the vicinity of the Maelor Gas Works to Wrexham Industrial          Estate. The erection of an above ground installation (46m by 47m) on land immediately          adjacent to the existing Maelor Gas Works; installation of surface markers and marker posts to identify the location of the gas pipeline. Use of the existing Maelor Gas Works access road, including its junction with B5130. Underground gas pipeline running for approximately 3500m south from Kingsmoor Park South, Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate to above ground installation adjacent to the Maelor Gas Works off the B5130 connecting to the gas national transmission system approximately 175m south east of the above ground installation

In addition to the points raised in item 16/48.B1 above, the following points were also included in the objections raised to Wrexham County Borough Council’s planning department

A         In themselves, the large dimensions of the proposed gas pipelines are disproportionate to the size of the power station as presented.

B          The laying of the pipeline would cause considerable disruption to the farmers impacted, who need access to the fields and whose cattle may become distressed by the noise levels from construction.

C          Fears are not allayed over the safety of the pipeline, given the toxic and inflammable nature of the product traversing through this area of agriculturally- important greenbelt. Evidence must be provided in terms of how leakages will be monitored and prevented so no emissions whatsoever find their way into the environment and food chain.


C          To receive Wrexham County Borough Council’s planning decision

1          P/2016/0377: Erection of 2 Bedroom detached bungalow to the rear of 2 Talwrn Cottages, Pickhill, Wrexham LL13 0UP

a          This application had been refused by the county council:

i           “the site is located outside of a settlement limit and the development will have a detrimental impact upon the countryside.”

ii          “The proposals therefore conflict with policies PS1, GDP1 and H5 of the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan”


Having declared a personal and prejudicial interest in items 16/49.A and 16/49.B, Cllr Griffiths left the meeting


16/49   Clerical matters

A         To agree whether to accept SLCC advice to apply a 1% pay raise retrospectively from 1st April 2016 and amend the clerk’s contract accordingly

1          With only two members present, the council was inquorate to make a decision.

2          This will therefore be discussed at the September 2016 meeting

B          To approve the clerk’s timesheet for the period 23rd May- 17th July 2016

This was also deferred until the September meeting, for the same reasons as indicated in item 16/49.A above.

C– already covered


Cllr Griffiths returned to the meeting


16/50   Finance

A         To settle charges due where the invoice was presented after the agenda was issued

  Recipient Nature Invoice   number Gross   value Empowering   legislation
1 Scottish   Power Q2  2016 street lighting electricity charges 104294061 £47.63 1957   Parish Councils Act, section 3

The above item was signed by Cllrs Hurst and Rowland


B– already covered


C         To receive the latest budget monitoring report (continued)

1          The observation was made that there will be a need to set aside at least £1,200 from general  reserves to fund the Play Sufficiency Assessment, should the community council project working party be unsuccessful in sourcing external funding for this venture.

2          Assuming that members wish to preserve a buffer of one year’s costs in reserves (£4,250 based on the 2016/ 2017 budget), this leaves very little room for the consideration of the other possible projects that were identified in the June meeting.

3          It was agreed to determine a position to the following points in the September meeting:

a          Does the council wish to lower the limit of the general reserves cushion, to facilitate the possibility of financing other projects during the year ending 31st March 2017? Or should the twelve- month bulwark be preserved?

b          If not all the projects can be commenced in the current year, which scheme (s) should be prioritised as being of greatest cost- effective benefit to the residents of the community?

c          Should some projects be deferred for 2016/ 2017, but considered for next year and the     precept be increased to take these costs into account?


D– already covered


16/51   Sesswick Play Sufficiency assessment

A- already covered

B          To receive an update on status from the working party on current activities

No developments were reported


C          To discuss progress on acquiring external finance for the project

No update was given


16/52   Improvements to bus shelters

A         To receive an update from Cllr Pritchard on whether the county council can clean the two shelters on the A525

This item was deferred until the next meeting when Cllr Pritchard is able to attend

B          To continue discussions on improving the positioning of the Wrexham- bound shelter on Bangor Road

1          Cllr Rowland volunteered to contact the landowner whose field is adjacent to the stop, to gauge whether he would be open to providing a small strip of land to accommodate the bus stop being moved away from the highway.

2          There were currently no public buses in operation through Cross Lanes due to the recent collapse of the company providing the 146 service between Wrexham and Whitchurch

2          Further discussions were deferred until the September meeting, as per item 16/50.C above.


16/53   Traffic speed warning signs

A         To receive a notification from Cllr Pritchard if match- funding is still available from the   county council

This was deferred until the next meeting, when Cllr Pritchard will be able to provide an update.

B          To conclude whether to proceed with the purchase and any discuss any resulting actions (including location)

This was deferred until September, as per item 16/50.C above


16/54   Landscaping of area around the Jubilee Stone at the entrance to Cross Lanes

A         To receive an update from Cllr Pritchard on responsibilities for tidying the area of excess vegetation

This was also deferred until the next meeting, when Cllr Pritchard will be able to provide an update.

B          To decide whether to allocate council reserves on improving the area around the stone, and agree any resulting actions and their timing

This was also deferred until September, as per item 16/50.C above


16/55   Landscaping of area on Nant Clwyd Park

This was deferred until September, as per item 16/50.C above


16/56   State of footpaths in Sesswick

1          Responding to concerns regarding the overgrown hedgerows making the A525 footpath from  Cross Lanes (after Porth-Y-Gan Farm) to Bangor Isycoed impassable in places, Cllr   Pritchard had already confirmed he had requested the relevant teams at the county council to take the necessary action as soon as practicable.

2          It was noted that overgrown foliage from the gardens of three properties were encroaching on to the B5130 pavement between Nant Clwyd Park and the Paddock estate. This represented a danger to pedestrians who were obliged to step out onto the busy highway to avoid the vegetative obstructions. The clerk was instructed therefore to write to the occupiers to request that the hedges be trimmed back as soon as possible


16/57– already covered


16/58   Code of Conduct (continued)

A         To adopt the revised Code of Conduct (continued)

4          It was resolved to set the limit for the registration of gifts and hospitality at £10. Anything above that value will need to be reported in writing to the community council’s proper officer as detailed in section 17 of the newly- adopted Code.


16/59– already covered

16/60- already covered


16/61   Correspondence (continued)

No further items were discussed


16/62   Any Other Business

1          The clerk had received an email from a resident on Nant Clwyd Park on 17th July, registering their objections to any proposed play area on that estate.

A         Opposition was expressed as to the potential for increased noise levels (ruining people’s tranquil enjoyment of their gardens) and past occurrences of undesirable behaviour around the now- removed bench were cited.

B          The suggestion was made that expenditure on signage to slow down traffic would be a better use of public funds.

C          The clerk was instructed to reply with the following comments

1          The community council has engaged the county council’s Youth and Play team to conduct an assessment of the existing recreational opportunities for young people in Cross Lanes. This is a requirement placed on local authorities by the Welsh Government.

2          A report of these findings and recommendations will be presented to the community council in November. The council has asked for the consultation events to be open to all members of the community, so everyone has the chance to make contributions to the process and have their views represented. These will be shown on the council notice boards as the dates are published

3          There are no plans to build a play area anywhere in Sesswick.  Should this position change, then this must be a decision taken at a full council meeting where the resident will be very welcome to attend.


2          The clerk was instructed to bring to the police’s attention some suspicious activity in a set of  buildings just outside the limits of the Sesswick community towards the Wrexham Industrial  Estate. For some, the impression was being given that deliberate  attempts were being made to obscure visibility from the highway to the occurrences at the property. It was hoped that a brief police visitation at the site would allay the community’s concerns.


16/63– already covered


The meeting ended at 9.15pm