Minutes 18/01/2016

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Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting held at the Cross Lanes Hotel on Monday 18th January 2016 at 6.30pm



Cllr John Hurst (Chairman)

Cllr S. Heather Rowland (Vice- Chairman)

Cllr John Pritchard (County Councillor)                        From item 15/71

Cllr Christine Stead

PCSO Mike Simister                                                    For items 15/69- 15/71

Ian Griffiths (Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer)

No members of the public


15/69   Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Cllr Patricia Jones.


15/70 Declarations of interest

None were made


It was agreed unanimously to temporarily suspend standing order 70, to allow public participation

Cllr Pritchard arrived at 6.32pm


15/71   Police

1          Councillors welcomed PCSO Simister to the meeting, having transitioned from Brymbo to Overton in December 2015 to replace PCSO Ahmed.

2          PCSO circulated the Crime Report for December 2015 (appendix A).  There had been four issues occurring since the November 2015 meeting:

A         theft of heavy- duty equipment from Flogas’ Maelor works on 31st December. Enquiries into this co-ordinated crime are continuing.

B          Arrest of one person (not- local to Cross Lanes) for drink- driving on Bedwell Road during Christmas. This was the result of a failed breath test as part of Operation Sodium

C          One case of anti- social behaviour. Just before Christmas, a report was received of male youths shining green laser pens at passing drivers around the area of the A525/ B5130 traffic lights. The group ran off when challenged by the reporter, and the officers attending could find no one in the area. There have been no repetitions of this incident since then.

D         The hounds of the local hunt going, mid- chase, through the garden of a property off Holt   Road. No physical damage was done and the police gave advice to the hunt organisers for future events. (NB- this does not appear in appendix A, having occurred after the report was compiled)

3          Now that the street lights had become fully operational making the 30mph and 40mph limits enforceable, PCSO Simister was asked to prioritise the issue of speeding traffic in the community. This was deemed particularly worrisome on Holt Road and the A525 to the Wrexham Industrial Estate Southern Access Route.  Concerns were expressed that this will worsen as the lighter evenings arrive and some motorcyclists drive through Cross Lanes at perilous velocity.

4          Councillors also requested that the issue of dog- fouling continues to be monitored, in part due to its increased prevalence in the area around the post box on Nant Clwyd Park. Four private- sector wardens will be employed by Wrexham County Borough Council from April 2016 on a twelve- month trial period who will target areas of concern as communicated to them and will have the power to impose fines on owners caught flouting legislation.

5          There had been no further reports of parking issues on Bedwell Road.

                                               PCSO Simister left at 6.45pm

Standing order 70 was reinstated

15/72   Confirmation of minutes from 23rd November 2015

The minutes, as presented, were accepted as a true record.


15/73   Matters arising

1          15/55.1 (theft of bollards on A525 footpath): Cllr Pritchard confirmed replacements had been received and should be positioned in situ week commencing 18th January

2          15/58.2 (new 40mph speed limit): signs have now been placed. The limit commences from School House on Holt Road and continues on the B5130 road into Isycoed.

3          15/60.2 (delays in receiving invoices from street lighting maintenance invoices): the clerk had received confirmation from the county street lighting department that their finance office had been alerted to this fact

4          15/60.3 (2016/ 2017 street lighting SLA): the Chairman had verified that the information held by the county council was indeed valid. He had therefore signed the contract and it had been returned to Wrexham Council.

5          15/61.D (planning application P/2014/0112): the clerk stated a letter had been sent to the county planning office. No acknowledgement had been received.

6          15/61.E (sale of land at Bedwell Crescent): there had been no developments since the November meeting. .

7          15/66.A1 (website administration): the clerk had yet to receive the log- on and maintenance instructions from the Chairman. Cllr Hurst agreed he would pass on this information after the meeting.


15/74   Co-option

1          No expressions of interest had been received for the two vacancies.

2          The co-option notice (appendix B) will therefore remain advertised on the council notice boards. This will also be published on the council website once the clerk has access.


15/75   County Councillor feedback

1          Wrexham County Borough Council’s Public Health department and Welsh Water are working to fix the blocked pipe by the playing field at the former Tetra Pak site, causing sewage to surface and collect at ground level.

2          The pot holes at the entrance to Nant Clwyd Park had been reported to the county highways office.

3          Cllr Pritchard will escalate residents’ disquiet over the dip in the road surface at the top of Briar Close, at it joins Nant Clwyd Park.

4          Cllr Hurst voiced concerns over the pot hole by the bus stop on the A525 road towards Wrexham. Water collects there and people waiting for public transport are splashed as vehicles drive past. The hole is repaired from time to time but always seems to re-materialise.


15/76   Reports from meetings

Neither Cllr Hurst nor Cllr Rowland had been able to attend the last Wrexham Waste Recycling meeting.


15/77   Planning

A         To receive the response made under standing order 76.3

1          P/2015/0838: extension, alterations and upgrading of existing facilities and buildings at Maelor Creamery, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UE

A         Four councillors had submitted comments. Two members opposed the application while two (including the Chairman) supported the plans with reservations


 B          The clerk had conveyed members’ grave concerns on the proposals presented to the planning department:

I           access on to the busy A525 road from Pickhill Lane, even with the new 40mph speed limit, continues to be very dangerous. HGV’s need to occupy both lanes of Bangor Road to turn out slowly when heading south towards Whitchurch

II          an application of this nature is more suited to the nearby Industrial Estate rather than an exclusively rural setting such as Cross Lanes

III        Planning application P/2014/0781 gave permission for a maximum of 400,000 birds to be processed each week. The council is worried that local residents, some of whom live close to the site, may be subject to excessive noise and odours emanating from the complex.

IV        Environmental concerns such as pollution of water and land may potentially occur with such a large throughput of chickens and their remains.

2          P/2015/0882: Single storey side extension. Blue Skies, Bedwell Crescent, Cross Lanes,Wrexham LL13 0TT

A         Four members supported the application, one member gave reserved support.

B          The clerk confirmed that councillors’ support for the proposal had been communicated to the county council, with the following comments:

I           the plans state that rainwater will be discharged to soakaways. Soakaways in clay areas usually underperform. Maybe it is possible to connect the flow to the mains

II          It is not clear if there is outside access to the back door. The plans suggest the front door is the only access to the interior.  The community council was not certain whether this was compliant with health and safety regulations

C          After this meeting agenda had been issued, permission for this application was granted by the county planning department.

NB       Cllr Pritchard, as county councillor sitting on the planning committee, played no part in the   above consultations and made no contributions during this section of the meeting.


B          To receive the planning decision from Wrexham County Borough Council

1          P/2015/0820: Application for approval of conditions 5 (survey of the condition and length of public right of way Sesswick 25), 11 and 12 (scheme to deal with potential contamination) of planning permission P/2015/0287. Land north- west of Pickhill Bridge Farm, Holt Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham LL13 0UH.

Approval has been given by the county council


15/78   Clerical matters

A         To sign the clerk’s timesheet for the period 23rd November 2015- 17th January 2016

The clerk’s claim for 17 hours, supported by timesheets reviewed by the Chairman, was approved.


15/79   Finance

A         To receive notice of payments made since the November 2015 meeting

Cheque number Date signed Recipient Purpose Amount Empowering legislation
613 29/12/2015 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 21/9- 22/11/2015 (£252.72)  and clerk payroll administration to 31/3/2016 (£20) £272.72 1972 Local Government Act,  sections 111 & 112

Due to the immediate payment terms required, settlement of the above could not wait until the next meeting. The Chairman had authorised payment under financial regulation 3B and this had been pre- approved by the council per November 2015 minute 15/63.D2 & D3.


B          To settle any charges due where invoices were received after this agenda was circulated

Cheque number Recipient Purpose Amount Empowering legislation
614 Scottish Power Street lighting electricity 30/9- 31/12/2015 £48.26 1957 Parish Councils Act, section 3


C          To agree in principle to the payment of charges expected to be received before the next meeting where settlement cannot wait until March 2016

Recipient Purpose Expected amount
1 Wrexham County Borough Council Clerk salary 23/11/2015- 17/1/2016 £190.00
2 Darren Brandley (Mojacar web services) Website domain and hosting annual fee £90.00

For point 2 above, the clerk was authorised to settle this charge (last year paid through PayPal from a money request reminder)  via his personal credit card, and then submit a request for reimbursement at the next meeting.


D         To consider the latest budget monitoring report

The report (appendix C) was approved.

E          To accept the latest bank and petty cash reconciliations

The item (appendix D) was noted.

F          To decide whether funds need to be transferred between the current and reserve accounts

The RFO’s recommendation to  transfer £500 from the current account to the reserve account was accepted

G         To approve the Annual Investment Strategy for 2016/ 2017 (enclosed)

The strategy (appendix E) was approved


15/80   Internal Audit

1          Cllr Rowland volunteered to perform this review and report back to the council on the effectiveness of its internal procedures at the March meeting.

2          To facilitate this, Cllr Hurst will pass the paperwork he holds relating to the May and July 2015 meetings to the clerk, so the entirety of the 2015/ 2016 (YTD) data is available for inspection.


15/81   Local Government (Wales) Bill consultation

To allow more time to respond, it was resolved that the council formulate a response under the standing order 76.3 mechanism.


15/82   Correspondence

Councillors noted the items received:

1          Queen’s Birthday Beacons (item 47)- clerk to forward details to councillors

2          One Voice Wales Area Committee meeting (item 50)- agenda passed to Cllr Stead. Clerk to forward copy to Cllr Williams if she is able to attend and to inform Cllr Stead if she cannot

3          Community Inclusion Grants (item 52)- clerk to forward details to Cllr Rowland


15/83   Any Other Business

The clerk was instructed to contact the Arboreal Officer at Wrexham County Borough Council in respect of the following:

1          to confirm that the tree preservation orders are still in force at the Cross Lanes Hotel, to protect the significant specimens at the site from any possible development

2          to voice concerns that the second trio of birch saplings planted by the Jubilee Stone near the A525/ Industrial Estate link road had also died. As it was understood that responsibility for maintaining the site still lies with the contractors, it is to be requested that the county council and Birse replace these with more robust trees suitable for the location.


15/84   Date of next meeting

Monday 21st March 2016


The meeting ended at 8.30pm