Minutes 10/03/2017

Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting held at Marchwiel Village Hall on Friday 10th March 2017 at 7pm


Cllr John Hurst                         Chairman

Cllr S. Heather Rowland           Vice- Chairman

Cllr John Pritchard                   County Councillor

Cllr Christine Stead

Cllr Patricia Jones

Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths

Cllr Raymond Jones

Ian Griffiths                             Clerk

One member of the public


16/132 Apologies of absence

None had been submitted


16/133 Declarations of interest

Member Agenda item Nature of interest Explanation
1 Cllr P. Jones 16/134 Personal Member has professional dealings with the county council play team
2 Cllr Pritchard 16/135.A Personal County councillor sitting on the county planning committee
2 Cllr Pritchard 16/135.B Personal County councillor sitting on the county planning committee


As allowed under standing 16, it was resolved to amend the agenda order so item 16/135.A was discussed first

All concurred that standing order 70 be temporarily suspended so as to permit public participation


16/135 Planning matters

A          P/2016/0533: erection of two broiler chicken rearing building (each measuring 101.019m x 23.365m) housing up to 40,000 chickens each, to be served by four feed bins and a wood- chip bin; erection of associated control rooms, feed- weighing rooms and mess facilities; construction of an agricultural storage building and temporary siting of mobile living accommodation in connection of the development. Land north of Cross Lanes roundabout between Sesswick Way and Bedwell Road, Cross Lanes, Wrexham

1          To receive notice of the appeal made to the Welsh Ministers (reference: H6955/A/17/3167412)

A         Permission for this application had been refused by Wrexham County Borough Council in January 2017. “Insufficient information has been submitted to justify the exceptional need for an isolated building at this particular location, which will be located in a stand- alone field parcel not associated with an existing farm complex or existing rural enterprise. To allow the development would be contrary to policy EC3 Wrexham Unitary Development Plan”

B          It had come to the community council’s attention that the applicant has since lodged an appeal with the Welsh Government, citing that the application is acceptable in terms of policy EC3. “Exceptional circumstances have been submitted and presented to demonstrate the essential need for the proposal at the site”

C          Any additional comments need to be submitted to the planning inspectorate by 29th March 2017.

D         The informal hearing (venue to be advised) will take place on 23rd May 2017.

E          Cllr Pritchard will raise with the county planning office as to why Sesswick Community Council did not receive notice of the appeal. Having commented on the initial application, the expectation was that all parties should have been informed of the appeal.


2          To decide the mechanisms of any community council response

1          The clerk was instructed to draft a submission, strongly objecting to the application. This will be presented at the 20th March 2017 meeting

2          Members agreed that the council also should apply to make an oral statement at the hearing in May.


3          To determine how this appeal is to be communicated to residents and other affected parties

1          The clerk was instructed to place information about the appeal on the council notice boards and on the council website. This will also be forwarded to Marchwiel Community Council and Robinwood Activity Centre for their information

2          A leaflet drop will be organised by Cllr Rowland to inform residents and to encourage public submissions to the appeal process


The member of the public and Cllr Pritchard left the meeting

Standing order 70 was reinstated

The agenda now returned to order


16/134 Wrexham Play Sufficiency Grants Programme 2017

A         To receive details from the clerk on the nature of the programme and the timelines involved, along with additional information received from the county council play development team

1          Grant funding of up to £5,000 has been made available by Wrexham County Borough Council, via the Welsh Government, to help support councils in improving young people’s opportunities for play.

2          The deadline for applications to be made is 17th March. Any grant funding received needs to be spent in the 2016/ 2017 financial year.


B          To decide whether the community council is to proceed with an application

1          It was agreed, in principle, that Sesswick Community Council would submit an application


Cllr Rowland left the meeting


C          To agree upon the items to be included in the application and their usage, if appropriate

1          This task was delegated to the Play Sufficiency working party (Cllrs P. Jones, Stead, Hurst and Pritchard). The clerk would request additional advice from the county council in terms of appropriate items that could be used in Sesswick. It was anticipated that any grant claim should not exceed approximately £300.00.


D         To finalise the other elements of the submission form, if appropriate

1          The clerk was instructed to complete the form with input from the working party


16/135 Planning matters

B          P/2017/0165: extensions and upgrading of facilities and buildings including: 1) roof alteration on extension; 2) despatch storage, store and crate storage extensions to lairage building; 3) new despatch bay; 4) installation of additional plant; chemical scrubber, gas tank, three water tanks and two storage tanks. Maelor Poultry, Pickhill Lane, Cross Lanes, Wrexham

1          To receive notice of the above application

A         The documentation had been received and was currently being circulated among councillors for consideration.


2          To decide how the community council response is to be made

A         All agreed that a response be submitted under standing order 76.3

B          The clerk was instructed to ask for a two- week extension to the submission deadline for this item, to allow members more time to formulate an opinion.



16/136 Items for payment

A         To approve items for payment where the invoice is expected before the next meeting

It was agreed that the below be settled between meetings should the invoice be presented before 20th March.

Recipient Nature Expected value
1 Marchwiel Village Hall Room hire for 10th March meeting £14.00




The meeting ended at 8.15pm