Minutes 10/04/2017

Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting held at Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 10th April 2017 at 7pm



Cllr John Hurst                         Chair

Cllr S. Heather Rowland           Vice- Chair

Cllr John Pritchard                   County Councillor

Cllr Christine Stead

Cllr Elizabeth Griffiths

Cllr Raymond Jones

Ian Griffiths                             Clerk/ responsible financial officer

No members of the public


16/160 Apologies of absence

Cllr Patricia Jones                                 Work commitments


16/161 Declarations of interest

No declarations were made


16/162 Rescission of resolution 16/134.B, as requested by Cllrs Hurst, R. Jones and Griffiths under standing order 36

To decide whether to utilise the £650.00 received from the Welsh Government (via Wrexham County Borough Council) to improve play opportunities in the community, or if the funds should be returned

1          Notification has been received that Sesswick Community Council had been successful in its application for funding, and £650.00 had been received on 3rd April

2          The clerk had circulated the terms and conditions of the grant. These included:

A         the funds be spent and the project fully in- use ideally by the end of June 2017.

B          the applicant to send in a brief project completion report within four weeks of the end of the project”

C          photographic evidence, testimonies of children and their parents/ carers and data on the numbers of people participating in the project will be required with the project completion report

D         Appropriate consent will be obtained for any photographs showing an identifiable person

3          Some members expressed disquiet over a number of the conditions, which they considered to be overly- burdensome vis à vis the amount of money received. Given the short time- frame, it was put forward that the funds be returned to the county council. As an alternative, the community council could fund the venture from internal reserves and progress the project at its own pace, or submit a new request in any future funding round

4          By six votes to nil, it was decided that the motion to rescind resolution 16/134.B be deferred until the 15th May annual meeting, to allow more time to gauge the viability of the proposal.

5          The clerk was instructed to instigate a letter- drop to residents of Nant Clwyd Park, Bedwell Crescent and other properties which can be accessed safely by young people. The purpose of this communication is to appeal for volunteers to take the lead in seeing the venture to a successful conclusion. Their remit would include

A         helping to identify suitable items to purchase

B          storing items when not in use

C          lending (free- of- charge) equipment to children when requested and ensure it is returned

D         compiling the project completion report (the project’s terms and conditions would be included in the letter- drop)

6          Those interested would be invited to attend the 15th May meeting. Depending on the numbers present, a decision can be taken if the scheme is still viable.


16/163 Finalisation of the play sufficiency (dependent on 16/162 and it be decided the project continues)

To determine the next steps in the project, including

A          purchase of play equipment

B          storage and access of items

C          terms and conditions for the equipment’s use

D         writing of the project completion report and gathering of associated evidence.

E          assessment of any training requirements

F          facilitating community engagement in the venture

G         any changes needed to the council’s insurance policy

As described above, this will be determined at the 15th May meeting


16/164 Finance

A         To settle items due for payment

  Cheque number Recipient Purpose Amount Empowering legislation
1 000650 Cllr Heather Rowland Reimbursement for expenses incurred for the community letter- drop for planning application P/2016/0533 (paper and printer ink) £13.25 1972 Local Government Act, section 111

The motion to repay the £650.00 to Wrexham County Borough Council was deferred


B          To approve items for settlement where the invoice has yet to be presented.

It was agreed to settle the below charge, should billing be presented before the next meeting

  Recipient Nature Amount
1 Marchwiel Village Hall Room hire for 10th April meeting £8.00



The meeting ended at 7.40pm