A warm welcome to the Website for Sesswick Community Council. We hope you enjoy looking around and exploring the website. For information about the Council, what is being or has been discussed, local news and updates please see the separate pages.
Sesswick Community Council came into being in 1972, as a result of the Local Government Act 1972, although it has a much longer history.
The Council administers the lowest level of public administration funded by a local Precept. Whilst we have few formal powers, the Council is pleased to represent the local community in the Cross Lanes area and to act as an advocate to both Wrexham County Borough Council and to the Welsh Government. The Council does provide some services such as footway lighting and provides financial support to organisations and charities which support the local community.
The Council currently sets a Precept of £3,000 for 2019/2020.
The Council comprises 8 elected Councillors supported by a part time Clerk and Financial Officer.

It is not the council's policy to give the names and contact details of councillors on this website.
These can be viewed on the community council's notice boards:
* on the green at the entrance to the Nant Clwyd Park Estate on the B5130 Holt Road
* on the green on Bedwell Crescent on Bedwell Road

Please contact the clerk using the below details:
Ian Griffiths
School Farm
Holt Road
Cross Lanes
LL13 0TU
Tel: 01978 780387
Email: sesswickcommunitycouncil@outlook.com

The Council currently meets on every second month, on the penultimate Friday evening commencing 6.00pm

Retention policies

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General Privacy Notice- staff and members

CYNGOR CYMUNED SESSWICK SESSWICK COMMUNITY COUNCIL   PRIVACY NOTICE For staff*, councillors and Role Holders** *“Staff” means employees, workers, agency staff and those retained on a temporary or permanent basis **Includes, volunteers, contractors,... READ MORE

General Privacy Notice

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Minutes 20/11/2017

Minutes of the Sesswick Community Council meeting, held in Marchwiel Village Hall on Monday 20th November 2017 at 6.30pm   Present   Name Capacity 1 Cllr John Hurst Chairman 2 Cllr S. Heather... READ MORE